Internationaler Strafgerichtshof: Trump billigt Sanktionen gegen Ermittler |

The USA, our defender of human rights and freedom (NOT!), do not accept the international criminal court on war crimes in Den Haag. Furthermore they set-up sanctions against the investigators and threaten to freeze their possessions in the US if they indict on US soldiers due to war crimes e.g. in Afghanistan.

Does anyone know a open-source document scanner app on android? I use Docutain now for a while and it works fine, but a FOSS alternative would be great :ac_question: :fdroid: :fosstodon:

Has anybody a recommendation for a silent and wireless (bluethooth) Keyboard? Ideally with a feeling comparable to the great thinkpad Keyboards regarding pressure point.
Came up with the Microsoft Bluethooth Keyboard after my first research, but not fully convinced :ac_question: :blobthinkingeyes:

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Is there a FOSS android app for online banking out there? Trying to completely switch to FOSS apps, but haven't seen any app in this area?! :blobthinkingeyes:

Interessanter Artikel, der die Situation in den USA mit dem Neusprech versieht, der oft für Artikel über Russland, Syrien, Iran oder China verwendet wird.

Very good video about the media industry, the mechanisms of manipulation and fake news generation. But also a summation of why we need good information sources and how to find them. BIG LIKE!!
(Unfortunately only in German, perhaps use the subtitle translator of YouTube for getting it in English)

Rezo - Die Zerstörung der Presse

End of January:
Public, german television end of january regarding Corona: Influenca is much more dangerous. All opponents to this opinion are conspiracists or right-wing:

End of may:
Government warns that demonstrations against corona lockdown and all its restrictions are highly influenced by conspiracists, right-wings or vaccination opponents. Corona is a massive danger to our country and society:

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Next milestones on my journey towards complete usage of FOSS software:
1. Fully moved from OneNote to Joplin as notes application. Totally happy with it: synched via WebDAV to my NAS, E2E encrypted and possibility to use markdown for writing notes -> best practice example for a FOSS application :ac_heart:
2. Uninstalled Google Maps from my mobile and replaced it with magic earth. First app using OpenStreetMap which convinced me completely :ac_heart:

Hey, I recently updated from Ubuntu 19.04 to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Really impressed about the new version.

Unfortunately I have an issue with my mouse which shows strange behaviour when moving around the empty desktop. With moving the mouse around it draws a line out of its last positions. After the next mouse click the line disappears.

Please see below a picture of the issue.

Here some information of my Laptop specs:

Thanks for your help!


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