@fosdem I bet that was a hard decision, but FOSDEM 2021 was a success, and I'm sure 2022 will be even better with that experience in fresh memory.

FOSDEM will die, the University will never allow presence again

@yukiame sure they will, the university was fine with us hosting FOSDEM 2022 there. But there were multiple other issues that made this a tough call for the event next year... (wish Santa could deliver a crystal ball to see into the future... )

@fosdem "After several long and passionate debates, we have decided to make FOSDEM an online event." The way this was worded makes it seem like this is the way forward for all years and not just 2022. Is this the case?

@nvsr that should have been FOSDEM 2022* obviously...

@fosdem Thank goodness! The hallway track is one of my favourites :)

@fosdem yeah, I was kind of expecting that 😭 I just hope that we’ll all be able to meet again in Brussels in 2023 😣

@fosdem thanks for the news, and all your effort! 💛

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