@yukiame so do we... Eating waffles and drinking beers... with friends... doing the hallway track... :)
We tried to do our best to somewhat replicate the feeling...

@fosdem abd the sammiches (baguette) and the good belgian Beer and the Pralines. I used to go in the morning to Flagey/Cafe Belga abd evening in La Becasse. It was the highlight of the year

@yukiame just posted tip #1 how to make FOSDEM at home a bit like FOSDEM in Brussels ;)

@fosdem very cool. Are you going to do a test-run to make sure things don't break down during FOSDEM?

@spaetz we already done some staff meetings on chat.fosdem.org (in something which is supposed to be like a Q&A room with video chat using jitsi)
And we plan to do some more tests in the upcoming week...
But feel free to check it out already (and report bugs in the true FOSDEM spirit)

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