Next FOSDEM: 6 & 7 February 2021, online

FOSDEM 2021 will take place on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 February 2021 as an online event.

Please bear with us while we work out the specifics. Further details and calls for participation will be announced in the coming weeks.

We hope you enjoyed our celebration edition and hope to see you again next year! Also a big thank you for all the help from the many many volunteers who are the true heroes who make this conference possible. Please help us improve by sending feedback to

Welcome to day 2 of at from the NOC

Due to some people trying to be funny, from now on DHCP is mandatory on the dual stack network. On the main IPv6 only network it's optional as always, SLAAC is enough.

Today is 02-02-2020, which is a rare palindromic date. Hear Steven Goodwin talk about FOSDEM, from back-to-front, in Janson at 5pm.

Lost something? Found something? Please come to infodesk K where we keep all lost and found items.
Please check your belongings! Especially found some credit cards...

Speakers that gave a talk, please check your mailbox for a mail from the video review system. The faster you review your video, the faster they will get published. Devroom managers, please notify the speakers!

Friendly reminder that each talk has a feedback link in the schedule. Please let us know about the quality of the talk and speaker, if the room was overcrowded, ... feedback helps us improve the next edition! You can also mail your general feedback to

Feedback for catering: could you give feedback on the food stands, particularly at what time you had to queue for how long if people kept a bit track of that? Help us improve:

Speakers that gave a talk today please check your mailbox, you should have received a mail from the video review system. If you did not get this mail please drop us a mail. The faster you review your video, the faster they will get published.

For speakers who already gave a talk this morning. Please check your mailbox for video-review mails. The sooner they are reviewed, the faster they can be published. Thx!

We like your feedback about all talks since we can't be everywhere at the same time. On the schedule you can find feedback links for each talk. We like to know if the talk started early or late, if the speaker did not show up, or if the talk was extremely good!

Please don't overcrowd rooms, if the room says full, you should not enter. No sitting on stairs or in aisles inside a devroom for fire safety this is not allowed!

Room H1301 (Quantum on Saturday / SDS on Sunday) has been moved to UA2118 due to technical problems for both days (the website should reflect that!)

FOSDEM is empowered by its volunteers!
If you attend main tracks or lightning talks, we are still looking for people for the heralding task (announce the speaker, ensure the talk ends on-time) & video (pointing the camera in the right direction)

Arduino based Lightning talks clock check and enhancements... there is no escaping the 15 min countdown timer!

FOSDEM is kept free as in beer also by the community helping out, please help us by volunteering --

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