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hi guys! i recently took beginner lessons in python programming...i can code but struggle to understand concepts like classes and inheritance...i applied to a post "python integration developer" in a startup and they will be interviewing me next week...a technical task will also follow

i desperately want a job (any job) but i am naturally scared of what is coming..i like to code but is it a lost cause? and how should i prepare considering my background? please boost

Hello people! I am looking for PhD positions worldwide in my niche of modelling and simulations of healthcare systems. Can you give any recommendations about how I can actually search relevant positions?

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freelance web developers -- does anybody have tips on finding good work?

Looking for advice from IT professionals 

i like to code but i am no expert and have used Matlab, C and C++ occasionally (academically) and would genuinely like to explore more platforms

is it ok to for me to apply for jobs with specific requirements? I am mostly applying for entry-level/intern positions. I want to know if i am wasting my time? Am i hoping against hope?

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Looking for advice from IT professionals 

hi guys i wanted some advice! i am graduating soon with a masters degree in medical engineering and have been looking for jobs

a lot of jobs are in healthcare IT and require specific program skills (in the job ads) like SQL, C# and all that but i don't always have those skills

Yes its a friday and the weekend follows but the concept is for people with steady jobs and regular lives. Agree?

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looking for Volunteers - help local vendors and local economy
Visit :


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