Congrats to for still going strong after 25 years [1]! I sometimes scour in hoping to get some pretty nifty stuff (which I did with vintage magazines and music).

Here's hoping to another 10 years of .


Today's [1] (at least on my end) is adorable and high-quality stuff with all the pixel art and even an animated intro. It also runs smoothly on mobile too. WHAT?


KDE Plasma powers the desktop of the Valve #SteamDeck.

Congrats Valve for releasing #SteamDeck! Thank you for choosing Plasma!

This looks dope ngl. It's basically a Linux PC with a controller attached [1]!

The hands-on review [2] is worth watching to see what's the deal is all about.


Welp, decided to create a website for my [1] made with . It's mostly intended for quick public sharing of my notes so pardon the style for now. I'll improve on that soon™.

I'm not much of a note-taking person since I can hold most of my thoughts just fine but I do forget sometimes so I jot it down.


Found this album by a Japanese artist including a samba rendition of the theme. In 1979. Two years after the first film. This guy is ahead of his time.

Discovered the world of MOD files through this collection of keygen ( They're basically MIDI files with embedded soundfonts, pretty nice.

5.5.0 will have dynamic soft shadows, with colors! Thanks to 0xLiso for contributing this

Just compiled the Linux kernel for fun in a VM because I haven't done it. Took 30 minutes (to be fair, the configuration is simple) with my potato-tier entry-level laptop. Way less than I expected of at least 3 hours. :/

I'll try again tomorrow with the same kernel options with my current setup (Arch Linux).

Entirely new, just took a dive head-on, so feel free to inform me on some stuff.

Out of curiosity, how many minutes does it normally take in your case?

I didn't noticed browser has a tab search thingy now. Though I use Vimium that already does that, it is still pretty handy for default settings, I guess.

Just going to shill about Twire from as Twitch front-end. I can't watch much Twitch streams from the laptop since it is weaker than my phone ;p

Like Newpipe, it also has a pop-up player and can use external video editors too.

Welp, seems like Fastly is doing a big oopsie. You can check what they're doing in the following link:

Is it just me or I see many 503s today (try visit reddit or Github pages for example)?

Checked my mail and apparently got accepted into a SUSE Native Cloud Foundations Udacity scholarship I randomly sent lmao.

Seriously tho, I'm thinking of choosing related careers with this course. :/

I'm beginning to think those ads are made like that intentionally. :/

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