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My "YAML editor" career ends today. Jsonnet and Dhall are my new best friends.

The CNAME record has been set for 2 days and it is still sitting there.

So I've move my site to Cloudflare now, but my domain doesn't work (yet).

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So there are 2 options now:
- Wait for to be merged and go Terraform all the way
- Package **wrangler** for AlpineLinux and use it in CI

Seems like doing option 2 in the mean time is reasonable.

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I think I'll go with Cloudflare Pages since I already have a Cloudflare account for my work, and the Free tier seems more generous than Vercel.

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Gitlab keeps refusing to update my website certificate so I'll try to migrate to somewhere else (e.g. Codeberg/Github pages).

Not having your own server pretty sucks.

Gitlab finally can display Jinja filetype on language bar (Jinja files were rendered as HTML before).

What I lie to my friends: I'm a DevOps Engineer with high impacts on the company's services

What I actually do at work:
- Explain to people that Cloudflare is down when yarn doesn't work
- Teach devs how to use git
- Fix Gitlab CI job when devs can't release their code
- Approve any merge requests from devs with yaml files in them
- Delete people's databases (when upgrading Statefulsets)
- Calm people down when Cilium and Ceph can't heal themselves

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@gitea needs your help to implement #ActivityPub 🙏

Browse the task list maintained by @ta180m at, pick one and help #Gitea move towards #federation. If you are not sure how to help, just reply and someone in the @forgefriends community will guide you.

🚀 boost appreciated!

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x86 weirdness 

Quoted without comment or context from the answer I just wrote to a student question, requiring me to stare at the architecture manual for a full hour and then do several experiments:

In principle, pushl would decrement %rsp by 4. However, that instruction doesn’t actually exist; in 64-bit mode the only sizes of push that correspond to actual machine instructions are pushq and pushw, which decrement %rsp by 8 and 2 respectively.

I believe the only version of pushq that takes an argument smaller than 64 bits wide is pushq $xxxx where xxxx is a constant. It can be up to 32 bits wide and it’s zero-extended to 64 bits before pushing.

I can’t think of any circumstance where you would actually want to use pushw.

In 32-bit mode, pushw stays the same but pushq turns into pushl – yes, the exact same machine instruction changes its meaning depending on what mode the CPU is in. There are a bunch more cases like that. This is what you get when you start in 1980 with a 8-bit microcontroller, and keep adding extensions to it for forty years. It reminds me of my great-aunt-in-law’s house.

DT: systemd being "forced" on us is nonsense

- Remove systemd init. Oh this is easy, just choose 1 distro that doesn't use it.
- Now uninstall logind from your system. You use seatd? Great
- Next try getting rid of udevd. Good luck making wayland, pipewire, udisks2, lvm2, chromium, ... work!

{{ '%s,%s,%s' | format(hex[0:2] | int(base=16), hex[2:4] | int(base=16), hex[4:6] | int(base=16)) | split(',') }}

Come on Jinja2 I just want to convert hex color to RGB.

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Just discovered Chimera Linux today. Super cool distro (musl + llvm + apk + dinit).

There are so many English words to choose, yet we have Chimera Linux and ChimeraOS, which are 2 totally different things.

I'll probably wait for the next mpv release and see how things go to make the switch.

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For volume control, I wrote a small Lua script for the CLI usage, and use easyeffects Loudness module for preset profiles. Acceptable solution for me. There is also pw-volume which is a Rust wrapper for pw-cli.

The only obstacle left is whether there is a GUI / TUI / CLI for switching sinks / sources. Doing it with wpctl or pw-cli is pretty troublesome as there are a lot of device IDs.

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Thinking about getting rid of pipewire-pulse from my system.

Reason: I don't use Bluetooth, and the only things that need sound on the system are mpv and mpd (both already have pipewire backend).

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FOSS devs soon: and before I wrap this README up, subscribe to my github account, smash the star button and don't hesitate to fork and submit that PR! Catch you all in the next repo!

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