If I can't have Linux at least give me something with regex and diff. Just saved some hours of work that are going into tasty self-made pizza tonight! 🍕

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Musing on that, the Dutch had their own scandal along the Aussies' Robodebt scheme. 1000s of single mothers, often legal immigrants, were hunted down for money and their kids taken away due to racist and classist algorithms without any oversight. Imagine that but under EU auspices and the black mark of being a child molester. Knowing that, the EU commission still thinks they won't make the same mistake. It's hubris. @EU_Commission politico.eu/article/dutch-scan

In the local free news I read the past few days I see articles "explaining" to people how cool and good technology is to be able to "recognise" child porn. And that there's nothing to be afraid of because technology would never ever make a mistake in this of course. End to end encryption is only mentioned when they say there's "an elite" that have "their usual" privacy concerns. So EU and governments sail well by influencing the masses reading free and easy newspapers.

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Mehr als 100.000 Menschen haben innerhalb eines Tages bereits die von @digitalcourage@twitter.com, @digiges@twitter.com und @DigitalFreiheit@twitter.com initiierte Petition gegen die EU-Pläne zur #Chatkontrolle unterschrieben. Jetzt auch unterzeichnen und teilen: aktion.campact.de/datenschutz/

So the EU committee proposal to nix end to end encryption to fight nebulous online abuse is one thing. Combine it with the wide-ranging rights Interpol just received (even on innocent EU-citizens!) Then you'll start to understand the big data implications of the Ylva Johansson proposed. computerweekly.com/news/252518

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Only 4 weeks to go before we meet in Brussels on 16-17 June to discuss ‘The Future of #DataProtection: effective #enforcement in the digital world’. You can register here: edpsconference2022.eu/en/regis
Don’t miss your chance to join the debate! #EDPSconf2022

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The EU Commission is planning automatic CSAM scanning of your private communication – or total surveillance in the name of child protection. This would be the worst surveillance apparatus outside of China:
#Fight4Privacy #No2Backdoors

I hope we won't forget to keep track of the EU trying to nix end-to-end encryption... I wish EDRi had a good profile to follow on here. EDRi do good work and when the time comes I know they'll try to protect our digital rights just like they're doing with mass surveilance. edri.org/our-work/european-com

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US consultancy overseeing spyware company #NSOGroup tells EU lawmakers it is being stonewalled by management. “NSO is an out-of-control actor.” ft.com/content/3323ae3a-6ace-4 #Staatstrojaner #Pegasus

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So yeah, this is how the EU by mouth of Ylva Johansson sells their perverse incentives to break e2e in the EU. They're selling out our human rights for unsubstantiated -claims-. They're afraid and in their ignorance choosing the path of least resistance. Their methods are unproven and dangerous. If this succeeds they will cause a new fascist Europe straight out of 1984. social.network.europa.eu/@EC_D

I never thought I'd say this but UNICEF is off my donation list. nitter.net/unicefchief/status/ I don't support organisations that would erode my human rights. Guess Amnesty will get a little bit more ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ They'll need it with the state of this world rn

The track record of Canonical's CEO still makes me unamused about entertaining to use Snapcraft. Am I being too judgmental (or old :ac_dozing: ) when I'm sad that paid software devs only support Canonical's Snapcraft and don't maintain their Flatpak?

*slow blink* Book burning for profit. NFT trolls practising tech-capitalistic fetishism in a desperate attempt to make their lives make sense. This is so absurd I'm breaking out the marshmallows.

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Coming Sunday: pancakescon.com/2022-conferenc The format of these talks is wonderful. Topics that are half infosec part & half passion project. Let's see if I can catch "Security Documentation & Intro to Leather Working" :ac_laughter:

I enjoyed reading about Timnit Gebru's new Distributed Artificial Intelligence Research Institute in the WaPo: washingtonpost.com/technology/

Today I found out that the word koha (like the excellent open source library software Koha) is the Maori word for gift. Some more background: maoridictionary.co.nz/search?& That's real nifty.

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Access to the rc3.world: #rC3 Ticket Presale. Es ist mal wieder soweit - der Vorverkauf für die remote Chaos Experience startet am 3. Dezember um 12 Uhr. Die wichtigsten Eckpunkte zum Ticket: events.ccc.de/2021/12/01/rc3-p

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