Nice. Since April European datasets can be found via But what's up with the search function? It doesn't automatically truncate, neither do wildcards seem to work as far as I've been able to test... no matter how many filters you have, it'll never make up for wildcard search. :ac_apologetic:

For EU citizens: The EDRi people are still doing great work with Want to add your voice against mass biometric surveillance too?

Checking out library software and I'm digging through marketing speech like "Information is presented completely transparently and users cannot identify the different sources." ... tell me more about this transparency.🤦‍♀️

I don't mind sharing my morning nature walk with excercising people, especially right now... the big speaker is pushing it though. The clicktrack leaves me wordless. I'd like to throw birdsong and sheep at them. They're not savvy about the rules - but neither do they care.

I enjoyed Jaya Baloo and Eva Galperin discussing stalkerware, especially the second part of their discussion that places stalkerware into the ever current discussions about civil liberties and the internet. Link to roughly the second part (if you already know use of stalkerware is on the rise and the women and men you know may be at risk) :

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« The Coup We Are Not Talking About - We can have democracy, or we can have a surveillance society, but we cannot have both » by Shoshana ZUBOFF

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After the murder of #GeorgeFloyd, US protestors were tracked down by the FBI using open source intelligence (#OSINT) techniques. A new chapter of Exposing the Invisible: The Kit looks at how OSINT is used in investigations - and how to protect yourself:

Shoutout to :arch:, might not be my chosen distro but your documentation has saved me many times over and I'm thankful again today. :ac_joy:

Today I referred our helpdesk 3rd line to 1st line with the actual best of intentions. I hope they can help eachother because I sure as hell don't want to keep a list of our internal IPs. Efficiency is security too.

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@fnord there is also a free donation page where we accept almost any form of payment...

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Getting into the mood for FOSDEM 2021 tip #3 Between talks turn on for a couple of minutes ;)

Can I just be honest that since society went digital mansplaining just exploded into my face? I'm no stranger to getting doubted, negged, or even verbally attacked by everyone up until management but the addition of this DDoS of well-meant advice makes me want to send grandpa to 4chan to dismantle. :ac_angry: :ac_facepalm:

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Currently wondering why next to the (usual and anticipated) devroom, there is one for Apache OpenOffice. Curious about that, will they make a comeback after all? Also, curious if LibreOffice talks with discuss recent business model discussions within LibreOffice community, as you can read here in the inesteemable LWN:

Aiko Klostermann's talk at was really good. Not just what is wrong with AI (with new examples!) but also the beginning of solutions. is really recommended

Looking at the events and seeing the wonderful art for the rooms: :ac_heart:

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