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Currently wondering why next to the (usual and anticipated) devroom, there is one for Apache OpenOffice. Curious about that, will they make a comeback after all? Also, curious if LibreOffice talks with discuss recent business model discussions within LibreOffice community, as you can read here in the inesteemable LWN: lwn.net/Articles/833233/

Aiko Klostermann's talk at was really good. Not just what is wrong with AI (with new examples!) but also the beginning of solutions.
media.ccc.de/v/rc3-970174-arti is really recommended

Looking at the events and seeing the wonderful art for the rooms: events.haecksen.org/#rooms :ac_heart:

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Unser Blogpost mit allen bekannten Links zu unserem und dem offiziellen rc3 Inhalt, soweit bekannt: haecksen.org/events/haecksen-r Wir aktualisieren den Post mit neuen Links, schickt uns gerne Vorschläge!

The news that Stanford hospital's vaccinations are not going to frontline workers ( m.youtube.com/watch?v=E2cV5H-2 NBC news) was worrying, but their explanation? Blame the algorithm. I kid you not: tuckbot.tv/#/watch/kg0fn9 (phone footage of admin explaining) This dangerous trend of blaming algorithms should be heavily called out. No algorithms without oversight.
(AKA: Stanford, what the hell you doin'??)

Dank den @haecksen amüsiere ich mich schon zwei Abenden und bin ganz verzaubert mit was hier so auf dem Tisch liegt. Recht herzlichen Dank!

Shoot words at the Illuminati, check if the board is straight by comparing it to a straight line, don't tuck Raspberry Pi in for the night to keep it warm, do not taser with finger to power on, then.... lift the chips off the board.. and question RaspberryPi.org? Sure, can do!

Can I just say that the has the most bad-ass sounding name I've encountered in tech since ages? 🔥

Against today's Covid19-mood only Ministry's Burning Inside helps. "I really couldn't be bothered with you / Get out of my face and watch me die"

OK, time to stop soldering after half-dissolving my tip. :ac_facepalm:

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Anyone who can help me with this?

Is this attempt at "split url" idiomatic rust, or should it be written in some other way?


's In Cauda Venenum had to grow on me, but now it's a good album for the evenings as they turn cold. :ac_cold_chill:

Ate too much candy so I'm hyper. Current hypocritical state: Muttering "did you just lose state on me, $expletive?" at my cataloging software.

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I've repaired washing machines, constructed antennae, often fix zippers for people. I credit my dad who'd leave me alone in his workplace after a brief rundown on what would poison/maim/kill me and to, well, not do that. :ac_happy:

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Got a thank you from someone whose stuff I fixed. So I guess what I want to say is: what basic skill would you like to pick up or practice? ifixit.com/Device/Skills

It just occurred to me how wonderful working at home is for big data companies. All those workprofiles and "private" profiles they've been able to collate. Here's to keeping everything in their own separate networks and VPNs... but honestly, I'm lowkey angry I even need to think about it. :ac_angry:

Aaaand in today's episode of a shop that cancelled my order áfter taking my money. :ac_facepalm: Because why question the algorithm of the payment platform? Didn't even try to talk to me or wonder about the fact that I'd ordered from them before...

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