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@nhr If we're talking about a backup solution, I'm using borg against my own server at home via VPN, but if you don't want to maintain that I've heard borgbase.com is cool. Backups are encrypted by default so storing things on the "cloud" shouldnt be a problem.

@nhr If you want some folder on your computer to be synced with a provider (another computer or set of computers) you can try syncthing. It works p2p and using relays if a direct connection is not found. You can run your own relay if you don't trust the public ones. All traffic is encrypted e2e. You can leave a server at home running and your computer will keep "syncthing". syncthing.org (I use it to sync folders between different computers)

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I've been thinking, and I'd like to have your opinion on this :)
Does it make sense, for two projects sharing *the same vision*, to proceed in parallel, w/o any actual collaboration? Would it be more beneficial to join forces on a single project? I can come up with pros/cons for both solutions, but maybe you guys have more experience on this.

So restoring an Steam backup DOES NOT restore save files. I should have checked before. :(

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In an attempt to make privacy even more accessible, I have created a quick Privacy Checklist that gives people 9 quick tools to increase their privacy online.


So this arrived. Time to be a little more serious, can't wait to do something useful with

Well, hello there fosstodon! Came here from mastodon.social because I think this is a more appropriate community for me.


Fosstodon is an English speaking Mastodon instance that is open to anyone who is interested in technology; particularly free & open source software.