Just finished (died) a Virtual Zombicide game with some friends using Tabletop Simulator. It was as fun as playing the game in person and the game itself is very well made. Totally recommended!

Reforged has pretty nice ultra wide support.
But not really.
Screen space is not well used, subtitles are gone, path finding is awful...
I was skeptical about the user scores, but come on blizzard, you could have done MUCH better.

Last month was insane. And I visited two countries I'd never been before 😋

First trip of the year.
Goodbye Munich, 🇩🇪. May we meet again!

Some holiday hacking, let's make this a Christmas tradition! Xiaomi camera off the cloud. 👌
/with @kerbeross

Why I still pay for this shit?
6 times on a 20 minute episode.

So this arrived. Time to be a little more serious, can't wait to do something useful with


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