Dear fediverse friends. What do you use to self-host music? I've tried Plex but it requires a subscription to offline sync on mobile (I don't mind paying for a mobile app, but a subscription is a no-no).

@fmartingr I personally use Plex (they offer a lifetime option to avoid the subscription, I got it at 50% off which imo is a goo deal for how much i use it).
Good alternatives are Jellyfin and Emby which are open source!

@nicolapcweek94 Right now is 120 EUR just to download songs to my phone... crazy expensive, but I'm gonna keep using and if it fit my need and I get a good offer... maybe! Thanks for the reply, I will take a look at those two as well :)

@fmartingr at 5€/m that’s two years of subscription, or one years of apple music/spotify... to be fair, I’ve been using it for a lot longer than two years and not just for music, so YMMV, but I find it a very decent price

@nicolapcweek94 Yeah but Apple/Spotify are offering me a music catalog too, in this case I already have the files and the only feature I want from the pass is the offline sync. Again, things come with time, let's see how it goes and if this come to be the best solution, who knows, maybe I end up paying.

@fmartingr look into , perhaps the closest you'll get to a commercial system. Or, if you don't mind closed source and paid, subsonic of which airsonic is a fork

@fmartingr Jellyfin is a good alternative to Plex, but I don't know if it's very good for music (never used it for that).

Take a look at this list:

It should have some good stuff in there, notably Funkwhale and Subsonic-compatible servers have good Android apps on F-Droid

@Matter Oh my I always forgot about the awesome-x pages! There must be something to fit my needs in there, thanks!

@RyuKurisu That was my first option but the local load (I don't want to upload my music, just to read it from a path) wasn't working properly so I started testing other things. Maybe should try it again. Thanks!


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