For everyone out there with a . I have a problem with an application (Moments) in mine, contacted support for help and they "can't" provide support unless I approve remote access to my NAS...

I rejected politely and looked for other options but they said the can't help without access.

So I'm basically on my own to make my not cheap NAS app to work...

cc: @kev

@fmartingr ultimately, if you really want the issue fixed, give them access. You can always remove access once they're done.

Moments is click the install button and go, so clearly there's an issue with your NAS somewhere - Synology support is your best bet.

@kev The thing is that we're not talking about hardware rent. This thing is in my home in my network and contain personal files. I got a NAS precisely to not worry about anyone else peeking around.

If they would like to provide support, they would have provide me with the commands to run to check whatever they were gonna check, but instead of that they refused. (I clearly told them that I have tech knowledge).

For me this is shameful. I'm considering switching brands.

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