I'm currently looking at non-Google, non-Apple cloud storage options. The challenge is this: I don't trust myself as the best person to administer my secure cloud storage, either. So while a solution like self-hosted ownCloud looks good from a FOSS and privacy perspective, I don't trust myself to run one effectively and couldn't respond to an attack. Curious to hear if anyone else has been kicking this around, and if you've found a cloud storage service you trust... Maybe sync.com?


@nhr If we're talking about a backup solution, I'm using borg against my own server at home via VPN, but if you don't want to maintain that I've heard borgbase.com is cool. Backups are encrypted by default so storing things on the "cloud" shouldnt be a problem.

@nhr I tried borg once, I should probably look into borgbase for offsite backup.

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