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Thinking about releasing a small library of RNG functions I wrote on the asset library.

Also: Hourglass now provides beta versions of the engine. Try out 3.2.4-beta4 in just one click!

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It's been just over a year... but Hourglass 0.9.1 for has finally arrived!

It includes the brand-new, shiny UI I've been teasing for quite some time, along with Git integration and numerous bugfixes.

Download it here!

It's been a long time, but the Hourglass redesign is nearing completion! Can you spot the new feature in this screenshot?

GNOME Maps' new place bubbles use a custom widget to display pictures at just the right size. Want to know how it works, and how to make your own?

I finally got around to writing a blog post about something! It's about what I've been working on for Maps in GNOME 40:

New update for Hourglass! It's not the exciting UI overhaul yet, unfortunately, but it comes with a couple bugfixes related to version sorting. Get it here:

is approaching its 100,000,000th changeset in just a few months, so I wondered what all those new changesets would look like if I put them live on a map. Here's the result:

anyone else filled with glee at the chance to void a warranty, or is it just me

If, like me, you got a and can't get the protective plastic off the touchpad, try peeling it off with a small piece of duct tape.

I also want my money to be distributed based on what I thought was worth reading, not how long it took to read it.

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I dislike the fragmentation of subscription services. I don't want to end up paying $100/month to cover all the services for all the articles I read, or commit to a specific price that I might not be able to keep paying.

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What I would pay for is individual articles--after I've read them. If I could load up an account with $20, and click a button at the end of each article if I think it's worth my dollar, I'd totally do that.

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It seems like all the ideas around funding good journalism revolve around subscription services--see Medium or Firefox Better Web. But personally, I wouldn't pay for them.

There's nothing like real-life data to show you how woefully inadequate your edge-case-handling code is.

I've been keeping a journal daily for ~2.5 years and I highly recommend it! It's awesome to look back at what I was doing a month or a year ago, and see how I've changed (hopefully for the better).

Wow, using my computer as a Bluetooth speaker was surprisingly easy. It literally just works.

(This is because I have two computers at my desk, and would like to hear audio from both of them).

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