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New update for Hourglass! It's not the exciting UI overhaul yet, unfortunately, but it comes with a couple bugfixes related to version sorting. Get it here:

is approaching its 100,000,000th changeset in just a few months, so I wondered what all those new changesets would look like if I put them live on a map. Here's the result:

anyone else filled with glee at the chance to void a warranty, or is it just me

If, like me, you got a and can't get the protective plastic off the touchpad, try peeling it off with a small piece of duct tape.

I also want my money to be distributed based on what I thought was worth reading, not how long it took to read it.

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I dislike the fragmentation of subscription services. I don't want to end up paying $100/month to cover all the services for all the articles I read, or commit to a specific price that I might not be able to keep paying.

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What I would pay for is individual articles--after I've read them. If I could load up an account with $20, and click a button at the end of each article if I think it's worth my dollar, I'd totally do that.

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It seems like all the ideas around funding good journalism revolve around subscription services--see Medium or Firefox Better Web. But personally, I wouldn't pay for them.

There's nothing like real-life data to show you how woefully inadequate your edge-case-handling code is.

I've been keeping a journal daily for ~2.5 years and I highly recommend it! It's awesome to look back at what I was doing a month or a year ago, and see how I've changed (hopefully for the better).

Wow, using my computer as a Bluetooth speaker was surprisingly easy. It literally just works.

(This is because I have two computers at my desk, and would like to hear audio from both of them).

I am really liking my Kindle. It's more comfortable to curl up on the couch than with a heavy book, and I can read as much as I want without going out to the library.

Also made a bit of progress on Hourglass. This is the Versions tab redesign, which is mostly done

I found a project called mconnect that implements the KDE Connect protocol, and I'm working on a patch to support outgoing battery level packets.

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Took a couple days' break from frustrating Camera issues and did something cool

We all know "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," but I'd say there's a corollary that's just as important:

If it is broke, do fix it!

In the meantime, try `sudo apt install gstreamer1.0-tools` then `gst-launch-1.0 autovideosrc ! videoconvert ! autovideosink`

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Should be noted that the awful framerate in Camera is the app's fault, not drivers or your device. Should hopefully be fixed soon.

I'm so excited to see my camera app working on a real ! Now I just need it to work *well*.

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