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Actually, what I really want to know is how to fix it. This isn't a mismanaged company making a bad product. It seems like this is *how modern web development is expected to be done.*

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What I really want to know, I guess, is what caused this. What combination of factors led to a product being developed and released in this state? Because I'm assuming nobody at the company *wanted* to make a website this slow and cumbersome.

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I reloaded the page again and now it's closer to 10mb. To be fair, it compresses to about 3mb.

Is it images? Nope, that's only ~250kb. Most of them are SVGs.

There's about 400kb of CSS. That's enormous but not really the problem I'd want to fix first.

It's mostly JavaScript. 9 megabytes of it.

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I just measured the page size of my math homework site. It's 7.48MB, with tracking protection on.

That's not the assignment page, it's just my list of assignments.

I wonder what, other than a few dozen links, could possibly take that much space.

If you're bored and looking for something to do, you could add contact information for your favorite local restaurants on .

I fail to see why Google Play needs >400MB of space to install an 8MB app update. This is on an old, cheap phone running Marshmallow.

At first I was disappointed that Respondus Lockdown Browser wasn't available on Linux, then I realized I would never in a million years run it on my Linux installation anyway

"When I'm more kind and more loving, it seems to be more toxic to trolls."

If you haven't watched this series yet, it's well worth your time. It's a deep dive into fake accounts and online manipulation, and the challenges we face in fighting them.

I needed to scan and submit a calculus quiz today. It was really easy to set up my printer on -- HP printer tools are preinstalled, and GNOME's Document Scanner app was really easy to use. Many thanks to the people who make all this possible!

Imagine needing a license to use your operating system.

This meme was brought to you by free software.

Almost forgot about ! It's a project by to create a freely available dataset for training voice tech. With the data free, hopefully we'll see more people innovating in the field.

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If I missed anything (and I'm sure I did), comment below!

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If you're a programmer and you're not involved in , you should be! Find something you use that's open source. Many projects label their easy bugs so newcomers can get their feet wet.

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If you enjoy researching new topics and writing about them, there's always Wikipedia. People often say Wikipedia is bad because anyone can edit it. On the contrary, I think that's what makes it good, and you can make it even better.

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could always use manpower. They provide maps for humanitarian/disaster relief organizations, again using OpenStreetMap.

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You could map the buildings in your community in :

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If you love volunteering but you're stuck inside, there's a surprising number of remote volunteering opportunities!

Ate an Impossible Whopper for the first time today. I'm impressed.

Writing software isn't about being good at a language. It's about using computers to solve problems, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution to the problems we need to solve.

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