@allinone0 Did you hear about the guy who got cooled down to absolute zero?

He's 0K now.

Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. You can see 7 US States from here!

My process for posting images on social media:
- Post to Twitter
- Post to Mastodon
- Mastodon reminds me to add a description text
- Delete and re-post on Twitter, this time with description text

Of course, ten minutes after the stream, I get it working. I wasn't setting the scale of the pattern correctly, which made the sprite not show up *and* made cairo_fill really slow.

...And gonna have to reschedule it again, because I will be watching @ebassi 's GObject stream at that time :) Tuesday 6pm UTC. Hopefully last reschedule.

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Gonna need to reschedule the stream, unfortunately. I'll try for Monday at 6pm UTC.

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Now that finals are over, it's time for another coding stream! Join me this Friday, June 3, at 6pm UTC as I add icon and texture support to libshumate's new vector tile renderer.


@cassidyjames I like causal loops, like in Harry Potter. They make absolutely no "scientific" sense but they're so much fun! And they're easy to wrap your mind around.

@sonny @zbrown In my experience the GNOME ecosystem, with its tightly integrated platform and years-long, strict API stability, has *really* spoiled me. Any time I use React or Angular or something, I'm flabbergasted that the most basic things aren't part of the framework, but there's half a dozen unofficial packages (in various states of maintenance) that do it, and more concerning, *everyone seems to think this is acceptable or even a good thing*.

@cassidyjames Ha, I just type "t"+Enter. Good thing most of the websites I visit don't start with the same letters.

@jordan In the case of Ethereum, the code that's been put on the blockchain can also be hacked.

Someone asked me this recently, so I wrote a short explainer.

If cryptocurrency is supposed to be based on "unbreakable" cryptography, what are some of the ways it's been getting hacked?


@cassidyjames I never used that tab anyway. In fact it's nearly irrelevant to me that I'm on Fosstodon, because everything is federated so seamlessly.

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