A quick update to the GNOME Maps info bubbles I recently redesigned--they're now adaptive for your favorite mobile Linux device! jwestman.net/2021/02/10/gnome-

It's been just over a year... but Hourglass 0.9.1 for has finally arrived!

It includes the brand-new, shiny UI I've been teasing for quite some time, along with Git integration and numerous bugfixes.

Download it here! hourglass.flyingpimonster.net

It's been a long time, but the Hourglass redesign is nearing completion! Can you spot the new feature in this screenshot?

Also made a bit of progress on Hourglass. This is the Versions tab redesign, which is mostly done

Took a couple days' break from frustrating Camera issues and did something cool

The mockups of Hourglass, our third-party project manager for , are starting to come to life! Here is the Projects tab.

The Hourglass team wants your feedback! We're making a project manager for . What features do you want to see in Hourglass? What do you think of our new mockups?

Hourglass, my project/version manager for , has been updated!

New features:
- You can "favorite" projects so they show up at the top of the list
- You can now sort your projects by engine version

Bug fixes:
- Version search is no longer case sensitive
- The version list is sorted now
- Fixed a crash when creating a new project with a custom version

Also, huge thanks to reddit user u/BlueCannonBall for the icon!

Somehow wrecked my Fedora install, took the opportunity to distro hop

I've been trying to learn pixel art with . Tried making some icons for a simple space-themed RTS.

I've always been interested in game design, but haven't been good at drawing game assets. Hopefully this will let me create more of the games I've had in my head for years.

My humble attempt at procedurally generated planets using OpenSimplexNoise

I made some progress on my color picker! Added RGB sliders and the ability to modify your color palette.

Source is available if you want to see how it works: gitlab.com/FlyingPiMonster/vr-


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