Imagine needing a license to use your operating system.

This meme was brought to you by free software.

@flyingpimonster Imagine needing a license to use anything.

This meme was brought to you by copyright gang.

@flyingpimonster It actually makes sense, since so many people are spending so much of their time to make these pieces of software, I don't blame them for asking for payment.

Though it makes heroes out of those that spend their free time to provide the same kind of software for free.

The "not blaiming proprietary vendors for requiring payment" approach always puzzled me. These hurt you for your own money - you must blame them.

@AMDmi3 Hopefully we have the choice between free and paid softwares, so it’s technically up to our responsibility if we choose (thus pay for) proprietary ones :)

@gabriel Hopefully we don't and proprietary software go extinct like slavery.

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