If you love volunteering but you're stuck inside, there's a surprising number of remote volunteering opportunities!


You could map the buildings in your community in : openstreetmap.org

could always use manpower. They provide maps for humanitarian/disaster relief organizations, again using OpenStreetMap. hotosm.org

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If you enjoy researching new topics and writing about them, there's always Wikipedia. People often say Wikipedia is bad because anyone can edit it. On the contrary, I think that's what makes it good, and you can make it even better.

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If you're a programmer and you're not involved in , you should be! Find something you use that's open source. Many projects label their easy bugs so newcomers can get their feet wet.

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If I missed anything (and I'm sure I did), comment below!

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Almost forgot about ! It's a project by to create a freely available dataset for training voice tech. With the data free, hopefully we'll see more people innovating in the field.

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@flyingpimonster If you use a Linux/BSD distribution, start packaging the software you otherwise need to compile manually. In case of Arch you can push your packages to the AUR and learn about how to write a PKGBUILD on the ArchWiki.

@flyingpimonster Apropos ArchWiki. Consider creating an account on your distribution’s wiki, so that you can quickly make an edit the next time some information is missing etc.

@flyingpimonster I still have a hard time getting into this. Do you have some extra tips?

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