My process for posting images on social media:
- Post to Twitter
- Post to Mastodon
- Mastodon reminds me to add a description text
- Delete and re-post on Twitter, this time with description text

Of course, ten minutes after the stream, I get it working. I wasn't setting the scale of the pattern correctly, which made the sprite not show up *and* made cairo_fill really slow.

...And gonna have to reschedule it again, because I will be watching @ebassi 's GObject stream at that time :) Tuesday 6pm UTC. Hopefully last reschedule.

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Gonna need to reschedule the stream, unfortunately. I'll try for Monday at 6pm UTC.

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Now that finals are over, it's time for another coding stream! Join me this Friday, June 3, at 6pm UTC as I add icon and texture support to libshumate's new vector tile renderer.

Someone asked me this recently, so I wrote a short explainer.

If cryptocurrency is supposed to be based on "unbreakable" cryptography, what are some of the ways it's been getting hacked?

Everything from better documentation to shiny new reactive UI features--here's my roadmap for blueprint-compiler 1.0 and beyond!

Developers who've used Blueprint in projects, how has your experience been so far? What would you like to see me work on next? (IDE integration, reactive expressions, documentation, overall polish...)

We're proud to share the release of GNOME 42! After months of hard work from all our teams, this release brings many improvements and exciting new features, like dark mode!
#GNOME42 #releaseday

Learn more about all the changes in #GNOME42 in our release notes:

One of the most underrated pros of Python is the standard library. You can do SO MUCH in Python without adding a single dependency. I wish Rust and JS were like that.

Libshumate's first alpha was released a couple weeks ago, and one of the new features makes it easier to embed map widgets. If your app needs a map, ShumateSimpleMap makes it a snap!

Now that the corny rhyme is over here's the blog post explaining it all:

Tuesday at 6pm UTC I'll be streaming some work on libshumate. I'm creating a new widget to make simple uses easier (e.g. embedding a map in Fractal).

Fun fact: some of the JSON-RPC code in the blueprint language server is loosely based on the fortran language server

My markup language for is ready, and I'm eager to hear your feedback! Is it something you'd use in your apps? What features would you like to see next?

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