I'm quite happy with my Youtube
Premium subscription. Instead of bombarding you with ads all the time, it uses the novel business model of paying for things you want. I love it.

I use C# at work, so I wrote a quick tutorial on setting up flatpak'ed Visual Studio Code with the C# extension: jwestman.net/2021/07/01/vscode

What's your favorite (i.e. least favorite) word ads use as if it's a good thing?

Mine's got to be "patented".


my bible study leader today: "Judas was the imposter"

Let's keep the #GNOME40 celebration going with a brand new release video!

There's been a lot of talk recently about , and the environment, but what makes them so bad? My latest blog post explains! jwestman.net/2021/03/17/ok-but

Huge thanks to whoever made the react-confetti package for allowing me to add the confetti and still get up in time for school this morning

I got one more change in for GNOME 40: better tab completion in the file manager! It's bothered me for a while now, so I'm especially excited that I got to improve it: jwestman.net/2021/02/17/files-

Huge thanks to @antoniof_gnome@twitter.com
for reviewing this just in time for the release!

@gnome This is why I love GNOME so much! The design team goes to great lengths to put user experience first, and it really shows.

A quick update to the GNOME Maps info bubbles I recently redesigned--they're now adaptive for your favorite mobile Linux device! jwestman.net/2021/02/10/gnome-

Thinking about releasing a small library of RNG functions I wrote on the asset library.

Also: Hourglass now provides beta versions of the engine. Try out 3.2.4-beta4 in just one click!

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It's been just over a year... but Hourglass 0.9.1 for has finally arrived!

It includes the brand-new, shiny UI I've been teasing for quite some time, along with Git integration and numerous bugfixes.

Download it here! hourglass.flyingpimonster.net

It's been a long time, but the Hourglass redesign is nearing completion! Can you spot the new feature in this screenshot?

GNOME Maps' new place bubbles use a custom widget to display pictures at just the right size. Want to know how it works, and how to make your own?

I finally got around to writing a blog post about something! It's about what I've been working on for Maps in GNOME 40: flyingpimonster.net/2020/11/17

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