Hourglass, my project/version manager for , has been updated!

New features:
- You can "favorite" projects so they show up at the top of the list
- You can now sort your projects by engine version

Bug fixes:
- Version search is no longer case sensitive
- The version list is sorted now
- Fixed a crash when creating a new project with a custom version

Also, huge thanks to reddit user u/BlueCannonBall for the icon!

"I have no idea what I did and it still doesn't work"--me the other half of the time

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"I have no idea what I did but it works now"--me half the time I'm debugging hardware problems

Somehow wrecked my Fedora install, took the opportunity to distro hop

I've created a version manager for ! If you've been wanting a better way to keep track of different projects that use different engine versions, try Hourglass: flyingpimonster.gitlab.io/hour

Got my first app published on ! Floodlight is a free, open-source lyrics and presentation program designed for churches. Now just a click away on Linux! flathub.org/apps/details/io.gi

My take on free software projects and chatrooms:

I'm fine with Discord as long as it's bridged to Matrix. Like it or not, people already use Discord and it lowers the barrier to entry for participating in a community.

But if proprietary services are the *only* way to join a conversation about free software, yeah, that's not good.

I love GitLab Pages, but the LetsEncrypt integration is really finicky. It works perfectly for a couple of my sites but there's one that just won't get a certificate, after trying for several weeks.

Anyone else experienced this?

I don't think mobile Linux is ever going to become mainstream like iOS/Android. But it's enough for me if it's available to those who want it.

Just bought a Philips Smart Wifi (not Hue) bulb, but I can't find an open source way to control it. Anyone have any luck with this?

Kids been naughty this year but you can't figure out where to buy coal? Give them toilet paper instead!

- It's not as heavy
- It isn't messy
- Like coal once was, it's not completely useless but also not very fun to get as a gift

When you're using git bisect run, always remember to include your compile command!

(Not that I just fell for that or anything...)

I've been trying to learn pixel art with . Tried making some icons for a simple space-themed RTS.

I've always been interested in game design, but haven't been good at drawing game assets. Hopefully this will let me create more of the games I've had in my head for years.

My humble attempt at procedurally generated planets using OpenSimplexNoise

I made some progress on my color picker! Added RGB sliders and the ability to modify your color palette.

Source is available if you want to see how it works: gitlab.com/FlyingPiMonster/vr-

Just found out you can do `dnf builddep <package>` to install all the build dependencies of a package. Saved me a bunch of time trying to build stuff.


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