uhm... creating a REMOTE account just to use my LOCAL scanner?
no way!
and to the rescue!

and on their way on my box.
it is time to throw away some personal emails...

I'm getting old: I do remember my desktop on Mandrake Linux.
The mascot was Kandalf!

My revamped laptop case: the 2013 Malta knight.
What do you think about?

Thanks to my friend's mother for the excellent job of cut-and-sew from the crumpled t-shirt.

The good reason is that I'm a and user and fan, and I was there back in 2013.
The sad reason is that it reminds me the last trip I did with my father.

For the technical bits: the laptop is my old and trustworthy T410, that juggles between FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

Looking for a Christmas gift for a friend?
Why don't you grab a copy of Learn PostgreSQL? It is a complete book on how to install, use and manage your PostgreSQL cluster.

Time to "archive" the 2013 t-shirt.
It was great for me to be there.

The first time I swim with dolphins.
The last time I traveled with my father.

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