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Last night ticked off my first ever install, with full disk encryption on an old Acer Aspire (my secondary machine that I haven't used for a while)

Haven't had too much time to get into configs yet (I'm 100% new to BSD, having been wholly on Arch since I got into *nix) but one thing for sure is the WiFi drivers don't seem to be there, so that's job one... 😀 💻

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Stop saying antifa.

Start saying anti-fascist.

Make them say out loud what they’re really afraid of.

Day 6 without caffeine - phew. The first couple of days were jagged with a headache. Then a little bit slow and 'confused' after that...

Now, the quality of my sleep is improving, anxiety (seems?) lower, body feels less tense and I'm generally a bit more at ease.

n.b. I'm cutting down purely b/c coffee seems to effect me too strongly in terms of anxiety and too many nights of no sleep. I'm trying to turn it into a 'special occasion' brew. Like once a month or so ☕

Some of the discussions happening today at the Reclaim Futures conference seem v.worth tuning into:

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Union Hack 2020: Digitally, creatively and innovatively shaping tomorrow's labour unions.
20. / 21. November 2020

When you browse Instagram and find former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's passport number | Do not get arrested challenge 2020

I've been an i3wm user for 4+ years, and about a year or so ago I was encouraged to try Sway as an alternative to Xorg, using wayland. When I tried this, it didn't support some things without a bit of a workaround (Firefox, Thunderbird, etc) but I booted up again yesterday to see and there's far more compatibility now.

It feels a lot smoother than the combination of Xorg and Picom compositor.

There's a few config tweaks I'll need to make, but I think it might be good enough to switch to now.

After working-from-home on my own device for months, I'm laughing at my own list of requirements I've given to my IT department for what kind of device I'd like, if there were one available:

- If Mac OS X or Windows 10 then at least: homebrew/terminal extensions or WSL2
- At the *very least* a bash shell (otherwise I'll continue as I am)
- A tiling windows manager
- Oh and, ideally only recycled hardware - I don't want you to buy me something new but find something already circulating.


Can anyone help out with a query on : I'm trying to understand the syntax of the timestamp for DNS record updated/created date:

Updated Date: 2020-09-08T10:01:08Z

The date is clear as day, but I can't figure out which timezone this is referring to, and what the T/Z stand for.

Any help much appreciated

Some photography from a recent trip wild camping by the ocean - catching the last blasts of UK Summer.

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Hi - I'm new. I used to run a pleroma instance a couple of years back, and I have some presence on port-70 and now port-1965 where I'm writing at gemini://

My dayjob is in front-end Web tech but I'm more interested in unix-derivative computing, the command line, sustainable/solarpunk tech. I'm also into cycling, trekking & camping, urban gardening, vinyl audio (dub, electronica, lo-fi hip-hop), communisation theory/praxis. Favourite shape: hexagon.


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