I'm having a bit of a job options dilemma, with one offer on the table and a second (suspected) offer to come but likely within a fortnight.

I don't want to keep the first place hanging for two long but it seems risky to hold out for the second.

Gonna try and weigh up the pros and cons on the off-chance I did have *both* offers to see if this makes me know how I feel about both and what my preference would be if both were on the table..

@flow Have you considered telling one that you have an offer on the table?

@mindofjoe Yes - thanks for the tip. I have actually done just this at the end of last week; I thought I'd be completely transparent and say that I have an offer.

Though I don't know if I would have an offer from this other option. Though I suspect I maybe would have.

I'm trying to imagine if I had both offers which one I'd want to go for.

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