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Hi - I'm new. I used to run a pleroma instance a couple of years back, and I have some presence on port-70 and now port-1965 where I'm writing at gemini://

My dayjob is in front-end Web tech but I'm more interested in unix-derivative computing, the command line, sustainable/solarpunk tech. I'm also into cycling, trekking & camping, urban gardening, vinyl audio (dub, electronica, lo-fi hip-hop), communisation theory/praxis. Favourite shape: hexagon.

Working from home for a year - now experimenting with this standing desk extension (just arrived).

I figure I can use this 2-3 days a week, more if I'm into it. Only downside will be the hassle of moving monitor back/off when not using it, but... probably a small price to pay for standing energy/posture/good health stuff(?). Even without the commute in new WFH lifestyle I am *much* less active day-to-day - so experimenting with changes like this

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I'm having a bit of a job options dilemma, with one offer on the table and a second (suspected) offer to come but likely within a fortnight.

I don't want to keep the first place hanging for two long but it seems risky to hold out for the second.

Gonna try and weigh up the pros and cons on the off-chance I did have *both* offers to see if this makes me know how I feel about both and what my preference would be if both were on the table..

Starting now : Ada Lovelace and the Very First Computer Program via @fosdem

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@flow At least in Firefox 85.0.1 Desktop and 85.1.1 Android (when I tested) clearing the cache also nukes the favicons as well.

Also, I get different hashes when I test on after clearing my cache on mobile, and also across Private windows on desktop.

The statement "[...] even in the browser's incognito mode and is not cleared by flushing the cache, closing the browser [...]" is misleading, at least where Firefox[0] is concerned.


Supercookie uses favicons to assign a unique identifier to website visitors. Unlike traditional tracking methods, this ID can be stored almost persistently and cannot be easily cleared by the user.


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Looking to commission a small illustration - if anyone has any friends looking to do little bits of paid work, hmu!

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Day 93 of the Series:

It took me a couple years for GitHub inspire even a little bit of trust from me after the Microsoft purchase. That's gone now. Maybe permanently.

I've been listening to this recent podcast series on the emergence of a union presence at Kickstarter - would recommend:

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google, privacy, e-mail, from :birdsite: 

Google started editing people's e-mails in GSuite, replacing links with a link through

This means that Google will track a click on a link *in e-mail* even if you're using an external client.

I am *guessing* this is under the pretext of phishing protection, but it actually *creates* additional phishing risk for text-only clients, since now all links are links.

#FuckGoogle #privacy

Playing with some mind-mapping processes to see if that leads to some clarity.

Getting ideas down in a 'mess' like this does seem to help.

(I use labyrinth software - which is quite basic but useful:

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> interests that I struggle to nail down and prioritise a self-taught learning approach with. These include:

* better mastery of git
* SQL databases
* some more back-end Web tech language(s)
* object-oriented python
* more data-science oriented python

Struggling, and being hard on self, for not being able to nail something down and commit to it.

Worth noting that pretty much all of this is hobby stuff and not rly to do with my dayjob.

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Does anyone else have trouble trying to work out what computational *thing* they want to try and self-learn next? I'm finding I'm being quite hard on myself lately for having 'not learned enough' (which I also know is a tendency I need to challenge), but I also struggle to identify what thing to really try and learn/master next and to stick with it.

I wonder if I should accept that 'mastery of *nix systems' is an 'ongoing thing' rather than a 'study time' thing, but have other floating>

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