Pop Shell — advanced tiling window management for 20.04 — is now very close to completion.


As of today, the GNOME Shell extension has been fully converted to TypeScript to get all of those static type-checking guarantees. Requires TypeScript 3.7 at minimum.

Features include:

- i3-like tiling window management mode
- Grid-snapping mode
- Inner and outer gaps
- Ability to disable title bars of server-side windows
- Drag & drop support
- Window focus nav & search

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Major /e/OS updates, upcoming Progressive Web Apps support...
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The companion app Telescope for @ubports is now available in Version 0.0.4 with screenshot function, find my watch and improved translations.
Get it on the OpenStore: open-store.io/app/telescope.as

Season's Greetings from all of us at UBports to all of our community members around the world. Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm over the last year. It is really appreciated!

Enjoy the holidays and remember that all things Ubuntu Touch will be a little slower than normal over the holiday period.

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I'm now releasing an async crate which serves to enable copying and validating bytes from a single reader, to multiple writers concurrently. This will be used in the upcoming async rewrite of the Popsicle application.


Today I received a phone provided by . That's gonna help me a lot to port - UI-Toolkit to . Thank you 😃.

- cross platform
UI-Toolkit is back on github github.com/redox-os/orbtk. The details about the move will follow soon.
, at

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