UI Toolkit provides now a flexible localization service. Curious how it works check the showcase example on github.com/redox-os/orbtk.

Ever wonder what development is going into the next version of Regolith? Have a look at the R1.2 project page (github.com/orgs/regolith-linux) and new package/stage status page, updated twice daily: regolith-linux.org/regolith-bu

Version 0.0.6 of our sync app is now available on the OpenStore.

It includes a fix for the whitescreen bug on arm64 devices like the (Thanks to timdev and hummlbach).
Another improvement in this release is reliable storage path creation for saving screenshots.


Pinetime-JF is now officially an open source project released under the GPLv3 license!

It is time to give this project a better name.
Let me introduce you to InfiniTime, an open source firmware for the @PINE64 #pinetime smartwatch!


The next version will be released soon and will introduce a new modern styling engine check: github.com/redox-os/orbtk.

#fluffychat Version 0.14.0 is out now and this is new:
- Implement image viewer
- Implement room pills
- New chat appBar showing presences and room avatars
- Implement well-known support
- Minor fixes, refactoring and performance improvements

F-Droid is already published here: christianpauly.gitlab.io/fluff

PlayStore and TestFlight will follow in the next days.


has a new release in the :

Telescope 0.0.5 Changelog
- Music control
- updated French translation (Thanks to Anne017)
- updated German translation


#FluffyChat for iOS is in TestFlight. You can find the public link on the website: fluffy.chat


Pop Shell — advanced tiling window management for 20.04 — is now very close to completion.


As of today, the GNOME Shell extension has been fully converted to TypeScript to get all of those static type-checking guarantees. Requires TypeScript 3.7 at minimum.

Features include:

- i3-like tiling window management mode
- Grid-snapping mode
- Inner and outer gaps
- Ability to disable title bars of server-side windows
- Drag & drop support
- Window focus nav & search

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