Today I received a phone provided by . That's gonna help me a lot to port - UI-Toolkit to . Thank you 😃.

- cross platform
UI-Toolkit is back on github The details about the move will follow soon.
, at

Help us to gain some visibility and improve redundancy by adding your Codeberg project repo URL to the software heritage archive:

Hi all,

PSA: pages repos are now available via

Please let us know how these work for you!

First release of cargo-node on It's a cargo sub command to build, run and deploy applications as browser, electron or cordova app.

Akira, the UI design app for elementary OS, is shaping up. We love to see the team focusing on the little interaction details like this!


Look at these sweet input interactions.
PR currently under review:


Say hello to the new Fairphone 3: the phone that cares for people and planet.
#DareToCare and be one of the first to pre-order:

Change is in your hands. #WeAreFairphone

Das Team von @prolinuxde hat ein interessantes Engine-Projekt für Final Fantasy VIII gefunden. Mit OpenVIII könnt ihr FF8 nativ unter Linux mit höheren Auflösungen spielen.

FluffyChat 11 is in the OpenStore:
With improved stability and performance, new translations, design changes, better tablet support and a lot of bug fixes.

#matrix #ubuntutouch @ubports @matrix

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