Firefox Addon: Firefox Relay. Created by Mozilla.

"Firefox Relay lets you generate email aliases that forward to your real inbox. Use it to hide your real email address and protect yourself from hackers and unwanted mail."

(Not affiliated. Just thought this was interesting and I never heard of it.)

"You Can Still Use the Old Firefox Interface (but not for long) - It's FOSS News"

TL;DR: See screenshot. Taken from the linked website.

claims interest in for a while. They call their project .

A self-organised group with "invited additional experts" in January this year "created a review of the ecosystem around protocols for social media".

Find the "Ecosystem Review" here:

Twitter thread with more information:

Got caught by surprise by a cute label in a user interface. ("Oh, I did!")

or could be a thing. Does anybody have other examples?

Sarcasm and fiction welcome, bonus points for factual reports or serious suggestions. :)

"Hello World!" by Brian Kernighan, 1978.

Brian is the K in "K&R", with reference to the C programming language.


Not quite what I intended, but thank you nevertheless for your service, helpful Duck!

Gentoo's package manager Portage prevents the installation of a package, if there is not enough disk space available.

Unless you have set the environment variable I_KNOW_WHAT_I_AM_DOING to a non-zero value.

I am amazed that people were able to reliably reverse engineer the WhatsApp Web interface.

A matrix client can connect via a puppeting bridge to the WA network. The mobile app can be run in an Android virtual machine.

Diagram source:

The amount of effort to make software efficient and comfortably usuable is ridiculous.

I hope many people will use technology like this to empower themselves and increase pressure on restrictive Big Tech that tries to get away with it.

TIL: WTFPL, a "public domain like license". Full license in the image.

Image marked due to swearing (the F-word).

Thank you, @cryptpad , for trying to be transparent and for explaining.

TIL: Wikipedia has a nice set of "Introductory science articles" for a couple of topics that hard to get into by reading the dedicated pages. E.g.: Introduction to quantum mechanics.

Not sure how I ended up there, but I'm intrigued.!Understanding_

Who else likes that game, where you tell somebody what you see on a picture, then the person has to draw it, and then the same repeats with another couple?

If somebody wants to play, starting with this picture, I'm all in.

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