What do you think are features that must be or should be included in in the future?

Additional info:

For example, "liking" and "sharing" are part of the specification.

Note that e.g. Mastodon implements more than just the ActivityPub specification. So the question is also what features should be implemented by all instances on the Fediverse (incl. e.g. PeerTube).

FYI: Current ActivityPub specification:

boosts welcome

To avoid any confusion: I'm not affiliated with ActivityPub or any project implementing it or about to implement it, now or in near the future.

@floppy the "liking" thing is grossly inadequate to express the richness of human response. I would recommend you folks generalize that to an extensible set of "verb" collections and free up implementers to explore what set of verbs promotes healthy communities
I agree. I think Misskey has emoji-based reactions for each post, similar to what Discord, Signal, and other services have.

(Re: "I would recommend you folks". For clarity, I'm not affiliated.)

@floppy one could maintain "likes" for backward compatiblity

in order not to have the fediverse fragment into a set of mutually incomprehensible "verbs" (likes, dislikes, loves, supports, finds informative, noted etc) introduce some sort of ontology that both serves as a menu of already available options and helps interpret (#semanticweb style) what the choices of a particular platform "mean"

@floppy I would love hover cards like what we saw at Wikipedia and Twitter to follow/unfollow people more quickly and easily.

@Zergling_man It is! It actually evolved from other projects, but now the specification is actively supported by the W3C.

@floppy Crazy. Fedi is more officially internet than Twitter lol.


To emphasise @liaizon's point, here is an a list of all W3C official "Recommendations":

From W3C's FAQ:

Q: What does "Web standard" mean? What is a "Recommendation"?

A: W3C publishes documents that define Web technologies. These documents follow a process designed to promote consensus, fairness, public accountability, and quality. At the end of this process, W3C publishes Recommendations, which are considered Web standards.

This is a common problem within the fediverse; mastodon ≠ activitypub. Too many are ignore the past...

@floppy defining the bounds of how hashtags should actually function seems really necessary. Webfinger (how you look up an account by pasting the url into the search on mastodon) should really be added as an 'official' part of the standard. Internationalization really needs to be figured out. The fact that so much english is being encoded into the protocols is really concerning. is a lot more active then whatever the w3c has up right now btw

@floppy @liaizon

Important questions addressed here. Important to stress is that all valuable discussion in this thread will be forever lost in history in a couple'a days.

Aforementioned #SocialHub community is where you should really bring the results of these fedi chats, and create a new topic.

There's also a companion, more non-technical brainstorm area at #Lemmy here:

Also is a non-technical forum.

(Note: #Discourse will be federated too)

@humanetech @liaizon

Good points! I agree, the fleeting nature of this kind of microblogging is sometimes sadly inadequate for such kind of discussions.

I never really thought about getting into SocialHub or Lemmy, but actually you made a good point there, I will consider it!

@floppy Moving accounts between instances is essential for network reliability and sustainability. I'd love to see it as a standard feature.

@dudenas I agree.

In such a context I also like to point out that "nomadic identity" might be an interesting feature in that regard.

Hubzilla is providing such a feature for example.

IMO nomadic identities are a significant step towards decentralisation and some other related virtues (those that you mentioned, also data privacy, ownership, control, and other things).

@floppy To add.. because the network is non-commercial (if not anti-commercial, which is a weak spot in my view), the burden of reliability cannot be put on server hosts, which are already doing a lot for the community for free.

You cannot make hosts liable for your data, server uptime and basically for nothing at all. They are free to shutdown their servers whenever they are tired of caring.

That means, all responsibility for the content is left to the user. So the user must have tools to easily backup and move his data.

@floppy most objects, activities, and actors as defined in Activity Vocabulary, especially Question, Update, Group, and Event.

@huy_ngo Ooh, good point! Haven't looked much into ActivityStreams yet, but from what I saw so far I agree, that would be great to have.

@floppy I think channels/groups needs to be a standard feature. Several Fediverse implementations have them, but they really need to be standardized and fully decentralized.

One thing that would be cool, if possible, is that if the Fedi implementation I’m using, such as Mastodon, doesn’t support them, I should still be able to join groups on Hubzilla or Pixelfed or wherever and somehow interact with them as well.

@danjones000 I agree very much.

Actually I initially asked for desired features for ActivityPub while having channels/groups in mind, i.e. that would be one of the features I would like to see happening in ActivityPub.

I'm not sure whether it works right now for e.g. PixelFed (and soon Owncloud), but maybe that's the paradigm-shift we are all waiting for.

@floppy emoji reactions like Pleroma and Misskey should be standard on an implementations.

It makes me sad that Mastodon peeps don’t see my emoji reacts.

Fortunately, you will soon learn if not already, the futility of attempts at censorship within the fediverse...

@citc Hm, not sure I understand what you are trying to say. I didn't imply that future features for ActivityPub need to be censoring- or moderation-related.

@floppy Also, a basic technology to display open feeds in non-activitypub websites would be super useful.

Maybe RSS bridge, or something more elegant.

@floppy For me, "Group", "Real-Time Message", and "Long-form post" is important.

@floppy Make it run from any desktop computer instead of a server. Make the computer act like a node to decentralize the fediverse. I think that's the biggest change and most important you can make. So you can make local accounts.

@tio I completely agree. Would love to see this client-side self-hosting functionality. I think the Fediverse is slowly moving towards this over the next years.

One issue there might be that self-hosting on a desktop computer will often also mean that the host/node/instance is not available all the time. This would need to be addressed I think.

I find the idea of "nomadic identities" exciting and maybe it can help in this regard too. See also here:

@floppy What if the nomadic identity is a server and the main one is local? So you sync with the server when the local is not available. And whenever the local is online is resyncs with the server. Like a bridge between local and a server so that in time the local becomes more reliable and can use other "local" nodes to store information until they get back online. There are protocols out there that I think do just that, using other nodes as backups for information transmission.

@tio Indeed I think that's pretty close to how Hubzilla understands it too.

Here is some brief overview how the syncing between instances of Hubzilla would work. I think it comes close to what you described, assuming one has a local instance of Hubzilla set up that is reachable from the internet.

Nomadic identity, brought to you by Hubzilla

@tio Regarding the "reachable from the internet part" of local nodes, part of a nomadic identiy setup:

There are some developing services and protocols that might simplify this part, i.e. remove the requirement of meddling with routing, port forwarding, NAT, etc. and the security implications.

IPFS and the Beaker Browser seem to provide some means here. Tor with hidden services has some easy to use local hosting capabilities too.

one more wish, not sure if it requires protocol level though.

There are many valuable accounts posting annoyingly often. It would be nice to get their bursts somewhat grouped in a chosen frequency - for example, one pack a day.

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