Riddle me this, Mastodon...

Why is the edge of a freshly toasted bagle the hottest substance known to humankind? 🔥

On a lighter note - toasted bagles with bacon and avacado is the tastiest thing known to humankind! 🥑🥓

@kev This is because at a certain temperature the aperture of the bagel starts channelling heat from another dimension. This amplifies the bagel's own temperature considerably, making it the "hottest substance known to humankind".

Side note: Doughnuts also have heat-channelling-capabilities. But they go largely unnoticed, since few people heat their doughnuts before consumption.

@floppy 😂😂😂😂 love this!

I hope @wholesomedonut is aware of this interdimensional cooling of circular objects???

@kev Good point! @wholesomedonut could know more about the temperature-properties of tori.

(TIL: Plural of torus is toruses or tori.)

@floppy @kev as somebody who unironically makes homemade donuts on occasion..

I can safely say that the donut laws of heat transfer demand that every part of a donut you normally touch to hold it while eating is supposed to be the point of highest heat transfer. Not because science. But because it knows you want the hot donut. It knows and is spiteful. The hot donut is angry. The hot donut will die fighting.


@wholesomedonut @kev
"The hot donut will die fighting."
This made my day! :D

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