To people using :

I imagine using local files as feeds could be used very creatively.

Do you use this basic feature and if so, what for?

@floppy Could you elaborate on this? What exactly do you mean, local files as feeds, like directories where each file is an entry, or files where each line is an entry

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When reading the documentation, I found that in the "urls" file you could not only place web URIs, but also local files (lines starting with "file://").

I think that might allow interesting possibilities. For example regularly fetching a website without RSS capabilities, turning it into a proper format, and storing it on disk. But I wondered whether there might be more interesting ways to use this feature.

@floppy @jarbus @duponin Seems like the kind of feature that gets added because it's very little work and someone might find a use for it, without any clear picture of what that use might be.

@alexbuzzbee @floppy @duponin The best kinds of features honestly. Thanks for clarifying @floppy


I agree very much, but I might actually end up using that feature in the way I used as an example (feedify non-RSS websites).

So far I only found solutions that required me to use some online or locally running deamon of some sort. I find this annoying. Whipping up some script that fetches and converts some web page on demand suits me more.

@jarbus @duponin

@floppy Writing a file would also require a daemon of some sort, even if it's just cron ;)

I think exec: and filter: will suit your use-case better: For example, I have a program that converts GitHub search results into Atom feeds, which I use to find downstream issues about Newsboat:

@alexbuzzbee @jarbus @duponin


Very true, cron indeed is a daemon too. But at least it's not an additional one for me. :-)

Thanks for the suggestion on exec: and filter:! Indeed those sounds like handy features! Haven't gotten to the that part of the docs yet. Will look into it!

@alexbuzzbee @jarbus @duponin

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