Thesis: We don't need more software platforms, but more/better protocols that encourage and simplify communication and integration.

If you vote "yes": In what are are better protocols needed at the moment?

Poll inspired by @gamey:

@wizzwizz4 @floppy @gamey See my other answer. I'd say that doc editing is an example where we currently lack a good platform. Or am I missing something? When that's available it's time to derive a protocol from that specific implementation.

@fraolt @wizzwizz4 @floppy Yes as @ejg pointed out we need "/leveraging/interoperability/federation of existing protocols/platforms" and as you pointed out we need consistent or at least compatible implementations. I do think there are cases where we still need protocols but if we make them headless we will end up with more divided then before. One big issue I see is "top down" development of protocols if then the protocol has to be done in a group with developers of multiple applications.

@floppy It's hard to point my Finger at specifics tbh 😅 I just posted about it because I am a little frustrated with the situation over all. The document editing is a great suggestion in my opinion @wizzwizz4 but I think I would just generally love to have clouds and sync options work more like my Linux Desktop and servers instead of many amazing projects all working seperate from each other. There is so much more that could be done if more projects would leverage the full power of FOSS licenses

@floppy @gamey I don't have a specific protocol, but we need more decentralization of our platforms as there is too much corruption and consolidated power in the current internet.

@floppy @gamey

Not more/better protocols, but better/leveraging/interoperability/federation of existing protocols/platforms.

@ejg @floppy Yes absolutely! We need better standards to base protocols on that can then be interconnected but at some corners I do think there are also protocols missing.

@floppy @gamey A protocol or protocols for accessing the kinds of applications that nowadays are deployed as web apps, and that actually make sense to be that way. The kind of application you might use just once, or that is so heavily dependent on the server-side that a distinct client would be basically useless, or that is so trivial that no one would want to bother if it required an installation step.

@floppy @gamey I think the protocols are in place. I think we need a consistent implementation in multiple applications. FWIW, I'm a SW engineer and I'd never(!) define a new protocol without a reference implementation.

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