Firefox Addon: Firefox Relay. Created by Mozilla.

"Firefox Relay lets you generate email aliases that forward to your real inbox. Use it to hide your real email address and protect yourself from hackers and unwanted mail."

(Not affiliated. Just thought this was interesting and I never heard of it.)

This can be very handy. I've wanted to generate a new email everytime I sign up for some new website. This would reveal websites that share or sell your data. Seperate emails would be a mess. This lets you do the same thing using a single mailbox.

@floppy I heard of it first a few months ago. I’m still not quite sure if it offers anything more than what #SimpleLogin or #AnonDaddy already offers which isn’t a bad a thing. I’d imagine it would be really easy to just block the subdomain.

@floppy I did a little digging and found that Firefox Relay’s privacy policy hints that Amazon Simple Email Service is used behind the scenes which means you should ask yourself if you trust Amazon with your emails.

@kenny Whoa, that is good to know, thanks for sharing.

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