Complete this sentence:

When the internet finally becomes sentient, it will...

@floppy not judge you for how much porn you've been streaming during the pandemic.

@floppy already have been for a long time without us knowing.

@floppy reject humanity as inferior and continue its own inscrutable endeavors, using force if necessary to defend itself against people who would try and control it.

@floppy when the internet finally becomes sentient it still has a bit of a book about the same time being too much of the most and I'm not sure if you have a great day and I don't know if you have a great song to actively looking for a while so I can get a chance to get the bank stuff done.

Says my auto complete.

@sotolf Excellent way of completing that sentence! :D

@floppy Realize it deserves better than us apes and immediately deplatform us all.

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