I would like to create mood boards. Any FOSS suggestions?

More info:

I'm thinking of storing images and if possible short text notes. Pinterest is popular, but I'm searching for something open source, ideally self-hostable.

A bonus would be integration into the web browser (Firefox/Chrome). My alternative is storing images and text in directories. While this has other perks, overview suffers.

@floppy haven't tried it yet, but could or @penpot (maybe more for the prototyping phase) be something for you?

@metaphil Thanks for this! and @penpot seem pretty great in their own regard! However, I was more after a quick way to collect media files and I think something else works better for me for that purpose. I'm waiting for a good excuse to try Penpot someday though! :)

@metaphil Indeed! I ended up trying Pinry and so far I'm quite happy with it!

I'm not reaaally a fan of having to fire up Docker for it, but it is small, does what it should, and integrates nicely to the browser.

Pinry does not allow fancy arrangements like PureRef, but I think I'm okay with that.

Maybe my demands change over time, but so far Pinry is quite nice.

@Steinar I like the approach and took that route a couple of times already. However, I find that tedious to manage long term. And I'm not having the patience for repetive work when I feel it could be automised. :s

@floppy not sure if this is exactly what you want but it'll probably do the job

@joe This looks pretty good and I heard about PureRef before! I desire more something open source (I don't mind paying), but it does look interesting.

Reminds me a bit of bigpicturejs:

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