On my computer I distribute my applications/windows over this this many workspaces:

@floppy I make use of all ten that i3 provides, plus the scratchpad :comfy:

I have 4 workspaces on KDE, 2 of which is there for cube (workspace switching) animation to look properly 😅
1st ws is for whatever I am doing
2nd ws is for IRC, fediverse clients and music player
Sometimes 3rd ws becomes useful as system resource monitor.

Everything falls apart if I try to make efficient use of all 4 workspaces.

@floppy one for work stuff, and one for things I secretly do during work time, so two :p

@zethra How would you describe the act of switching between two screens?

@floppy I am currently using 11. This may increase in the future.

@floppy Back when I was using desktop environments, I never made use of workspaces. With tiling window managers you have to.

@floppy on my DWM machine, I make use of primarily two workspaces. One for the terminal and another for the browser. I do most of my stuff on the terminal.

@floppy Most of the time I use a maximum of 2 workspaces and 2 seperate displays

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