Dear Hive Mind,

Let's say there is a group of people of which overlapping subsets want to meet frequently.

Is there an open source tool that allows to specify time availability individually _only once_ and suggests the best date(s) to meet for a given subset of people?

Maybe Google Calendar provides such a functionality, but I am looking for something more privacy-respecting and/or self-host-able. More details in thread.


One idea I had was that all people involved could fill in one giant Doodle/Framadate poll, that possibly gets extended by dates every few weeks.

However, if all people fill in their availability, it will be hard to find suitable dates for a subset of people (without exporting and editing the data manually).

As current alternative I use multiple Doodle/Framadate polls, but since the subsets of people overlap, this leads to entering availability into multiple polls, which is tedious.

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