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I remember the days when it was much more common to have a "Links" section on websites with recommendations and partners.

"Look at those websites! I don't get money from anyone, I just want them to be known better. If you enjoy my stuff, you might enjoy their stuff, too."

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I like that 'ls -F' appends symbols to file names that show useful information:

▶️ Symbolic Link @
▶️ Executable *
▶️ Socket =
▶️ Named Pipe |
▶️ Directory /

If you want to show only executable files (e.g. executable bash scripts):

$ ls -F | grep "*$"

Grep filters all files ending ($) with an asterisk (*).

If you don't want to show directories:

$ ls -F | grep -v "/$"

Grep filters out (-v) all directories (ending with /).👩‍💻

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Is there a notify me on reply to somebody else's toot I favorited functionality?

I wish there was a "favorite and follow conversation" button I could hit on toots

Yes, I see, good to know!

Regarding F2FS, that's very interesting, thanks! I did not expect a ready feature on a file system level, but this also makes sense. I wonder whether such an option will be included as a featre into the very common file systems like ext* or ntfs in the future.

For reference and possibly future readers, that option for mkfs.f2fs is described here:

Side note: After the original SSD burned down to 8MB (wtf still) my complete digital life only existed on some random external hard disk. I prefer offline to online services and many of my hobbies are digital (I guess that's true for some here). To be fair most of my life existed on only one hard disk before, too, but now the threat of loosing everything just like that felt real and that one point of storage felt fragile.

Then I made three backups of that one holy image and I felt a bit better.

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My 10-years old SSD crashed. Backup? Well...

According to SMART everything was fine. Managed to get one last image of the disk, which caused 17000 read errors. The once 120GB SSD was then displayed as only having 8MB [sic].

Got a fresh 500GB SSD, dd'ed back that one holy image and everything was working again as if nothing happened. Success.

This was some weeks ago. Today I finally managed to resize my partitions, to make use of ~350GB of unallocated space. Looked at df's output. Felt good.

Recently I had a discussion with a friend, saying he doesn't care whether Google et a. got his data or not. What should they do? He would not be of interest to them.

Although I'm privacy-aware, I'm bad at such discussions. I argued with annoying advertisement, which he rejected with "I just won't pay attention to that". Fair point, though someday ads might be more intrusive.

He does not violate law, he is no activist. Arguing with corrupt governments would be a stretch. What would you say?

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Google's buying FitBit...and slurping in all the data FitBit users provided. We asked FitBit users what they thought, and we got an EARFUL

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"bash: ❤️: command not found"

No love from Bash.

"sudo rm /bin/bash"

No love for Bash.

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"bash: ❤️: command not found"

No love from Bash.

"sudo rm /bin/bash"

No love for Bash.

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Friendly, regular reminder: Don't forget using handy keyboard shortcuts when working with the command line.

(Emacs keyboard shortcuts for Readline on big shells like Bash.)

Regular reminder: You can use certain special characters in the address bar of Firefox to limit the search to bookmarks, open tabs, browsing history and more.

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The top 5 countries with the most COVID-19 have right wing, nationalist governments.

1) USA
2) Brazil
3) Russia
4) India
5) England

They’re working hard for the people, right?

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OH: "If the USA saw what is going on in the USA, the USA would invade the USA to free the USA from the USA."

"Explain Shell: write down a command-line to see the help text that matches each argument"

Favourite problem type when writing software: Race conditions. Always hits me hard.

What is your favourite?

I can recommend the quickFilters addon for Thunderbird.

Creating and merging filters is tedious, especially if you're managing multiple accounts. That addon proved to be useful for me.

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