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Idea for Mastodon bot:

Bot reads all messages bot can get. If bot finds <user> posting "Hello world!", then bot shall reply "Hello <user>!".

I think this would enrich the Fediverse experience a lot.

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Dear Hive Mind,

Let's say there is a group of people of which overlapping subsets want to meet frequently.

Is there an open source tool that allows to specify time availability individually _only once_ and suggests the best date(s) to meet for a given subset of people?

Maybe Google Calendar provides such a functionality, but I am looking for something more privacy-respecting and/or self-host-able. More details in thread.


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I remember the days when it was much more common to have a "Links" section on websites with recommendations and partners.

"Look at those websites! I don't get money from anyone, I just want them to be known better. If you enjoy my stuff, you might enjoy their stuff, too."

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Before you can do bad things to people with a clear conscience, you must dehumanise them. In Big Tech designers and developers can build systems that track, profile, and exploit people then go home to hug their kids because they’re not people to them, they’re “users” and “data.”

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@easrng I think the web is a bad platform for applications because you can tell that it was originally designed for simple documents.

The JS ecosystem is garbage.
People hate CSS so much due to its cascading they re-implement it in JS.
Basically always the DOM is littered with div tags because component-based frameworks such as Vue, React etc. encourage using wrapper elements over designing components for best composability. Look at the DOM tree of any web app and you'll see a metric shitload of div wrappers.
Polyfills blow the size of web apps up and make them slower for older browsers.
All of that results in way higher resource usage than there should be.
And today, my work notebook with up-to-date hardware shut itself off while compiling a Vue application.

A platform like this should be designed properly from the ground up.
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@floppy @ryan They wouldn't be struggling, if they just choose to not give most away almost a billion dollars to their CEO, while at the same time kicking most of the people working there.

If they struggle and eventuelly die, it's their own fault. I wish someone would just fork Firefox and make it into something solid and trustworthy.

With the worrying developments of Mozilla and thus Firefox, I wonder what that will mean for the Tor Browser and thus people depending on it.

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Does anybody have a recommendation for an alternative to Google Drive and Git for collaborative, folder-based sharing of small binary files (images)? Thanks!


Currently I am using Git/Gitlab, but putting primarily binary files into a repository is not a great idea. I try to avoid Google products. I would like to keep the ability to synchronise on the command line and that I can invite people to collaborate without much hassle, since Git is widely spread and known.

Is somebody able to make calls with PostmarketOS?

After some months I had a look at PostmarketOS again. My old phone is now supported. 🎉 However, in the banner it reads that calls are not (generally) supported. Is somebody using PostmarketOS as daily driver?

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@tallblondeguy I've been thinking, on and off, about a database of internet arguments – not particularly as a method of getting *good* arguments, or of formalising arguments, but mostly as a way of documenting them. (Perhaps as a platform to *have* arguments, too, though that would only be to add to the database.) I envisaged curation, where people could de-duplicate, perhaps refine, and build graphs of arguments to study their patterns. Can't see it being useful for *individual* ones, though.

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@artyr3 @mindofjoe

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Do you know any instance that is about and ?

[boost apreciated :)]

(minus the shower)

What would happen, if there was a more effective and appreciated way for companies to advertise their products and services?

One which is not the ubiquitous, unsolicited, invasive placement of images, audio, and videos in basically every form of public and private life?

What would happen, if the word gets out that the predominant form of advertisement now is effectively useless in the light of this new form?

I'm happy to see that the is "Exploring practical approaches to diversity, inclusion and accessibility".

Call for Change Summit - devcom Developer Conference

"The devcom Call for Change Summit is a kick-off event to raise awareness on topics that are dear to us in a meaningful and impactful way."

I think there is quite some room for improvement, but also many people (and the industry) would benefit from more , , and .

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A great #OpenSource project by Spanish students helps you to easily check how to take back your data from Big Tech such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and more.
😎 💪 Check it out:

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