Someone made a Youtube video of about playing and modding a ZX Spectrum game I wrote 37 years ago when I was 16. I've written a bit about this fun reminder of my programming roots.

I've written about using Lambda@Edge with CloudFront to configure redirect rules for domains as a cheap way to keep URLs cool and avoid breaking the internet.

@IslandUsurper Thanks. I'm still relatively new to Nix and so while I'm learning I'm finding it useful to have the freedom to mess things up!

@IslandUsurper Vagrant is pretty irrelevant to what I'm trying to achieve. I'm just using it so I can try out the nix stuff out on a clean (Ubuntu) OS installation separate from my regular OS.

I now have multiple Rails apps each running in an isolated nix-shell with different versions of Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL & MySQL...

> Without saying what year you started coding, Quote this tweet with something (an ide, a build/ deploy process) to signify how long you've been coding


Kent Beck: "Software design is an exercise in human relationships, but that we as technologists have many tools at our disposal to do a better job of maintaining our part of those relationships."

@consoleaccess I've been really impressed with dnsimple so far, and although I haven't actually used their API in anger, it looks great! [link with referral code]

More fun with nix. I've written about modifying the existing GitHub Action workflow that builds my personal website to use cachix/install-nix-action and nix-shell.

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Hey folks,

The domain name is up for renewal soon, and looking at the overall expenses of running this instance, we could _really_ use a few more supporters on Patreon to help cover costs.

If you can spare a couple of bucks, it'd be really helpful!

Super special thanks to the current patrons: @sidekiq @shanecav @passthejoe @MikeG1 and super-supporter @honeybadger :honeybadger:

:ruby: 🎉

I've been playing with the nix package manager, mainly with the intention of using it to setup isolated development environments. I've written up how I used nix-shell to define a Ruby environment for building & serving my personal website locally...

I've just realised my positively ancient blog RSS feed is still generated via FeedBurner.

What's the best approach for providing a feed these days...?

Thanks in part to inspiration from people on, I've done some work on indieweb-ifying my personal website.

@delriousDenizen @doug I think either language is fine for new developers - just a matter of personal taste really. And when you've got the hang of using one, you'll find it very easy to use the other! Good luck!

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