I now have multiple Rails apps each running in an isolated nix-shell with different versions of Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL & MySQL...

@floehopper, what is Vagrant for, here? At first I thought each app was on a separate VM, but as I read more it sounded like they were all on one. Is it just to not have a database installed on your system?

@IslandUsurper Vagrant is pretty irrelevant to what I'm trying to achieve. I'm just using it so I can try out the nix stuff out on a clean (Ubuntu) OS installation separate from my regular OS.

@floehopper ok, that makes sense. I will point at that Nix is super easy to uninstall: `sudo rm -r /nix` But I can understand not wanting to mess up your $PATH or whatever.

@IslandUsurper Thanks. I'm still relatively new to Nix and so while I'm learning I'm finding it useful to have the freedom to mess things up!

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