Hi, everyone. I'm sorry I haven't got round to introducing myself sooner...

I'm a developer at a London-based worker cooperative, Go Free Range (

I'm the original author of Mocha (, a popular open-source mocking framework for Ruby.

Are there any other Ruby developers on here?

@doug @floehopper is ruby a better language for aspiring devs than python? because i just started learning python :/

@delriousDenizen I think @floehopper can offer more insight but I just prefer Ruby’s syntax. You can’t go wrong learning Python. It also depends on what you want to do. I want to get into Rails for web applications. Python can do that with Django but it’s also very popular for data science.

@delriousDenizen @doug I think either language is fine for new developers - just a matter of personal taste really. And when you've got the hang of using one, you'll find it very easy to use the other! Good luck!

@doug @floehopper Same here. Rubyist since 2006 and still loving it. Building as an open-source learning map with Rails these days.

Only secondarily. We use ruby for tools that we will use, but nothing in the pipeline that interacts with customers. The most production-critical thing ruby does for us is a script that stops servers.

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