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@silmathoron Neat!

It is giving a Rails 500 error.

Do you know if it is Open Source software that we could contribute to?

We've done some research and proof of concept with Meilisearch and ScraPy which crawls the public, indexable fediverse and indexes it in a blazing fast, Open Source search platform. But helping existing software is always better, IMO!

While we are building the software, there are some options to use the fediverse to find jobs or employees.

We can spend some time to set this up.

Would you be interested and if so, which ones?

Things we missed?

@textbook There isn't. But I did evaluate the LI API. And while that is terribly limited in features (walled garden), "getting all contacts for a user" is one feature it offers.

Another road we can take is to offer importers for your linkedin-data export (which is required under GDPR): those are neat data-files.

I'll jot it down as an RFC for "someday" on our backlog. Certainly a good suggestion.

@kubikpixel We are writing some Proof of concepts and trying out ideas.

You may not agree, but we think it is important to settle the concepts and ideas before writing software. Ideas are easier to discuss than software. Concepts are easier to change than software.

But, to answer your question: there will most probably not be beta software before summer.

If you are interested in what we are building, have a look at git.

A few notes after reading @lukas posting on personal CRM: Personal CRM as a Not-LinkedIn, the CRM notes I keep are centered on remembering context.

#contactmanagement #crm #linkedin

Talk: Products vs Protocols (FOSDEM 2021)

Recorded talk at FOSDEM 2021 (online edition) about the differences between building a protocol and building a product, the trade-offs, and introducing a new product-led approach for XMPP.

#xmpp #snikket #fossdem #peertube #foss

@doenietzomoeilijk So, spent some time turning this into an RFC. Do you mind if we mention your mastopdon profile and toot in that RFC?

@doenietzomoeilijk Looking at the mentioned projects, and the themes, and activity on github, it is rather actively used.

I think it would make a lot of sense to have a `/` that can be downloaded or used by those external implementations.

Thanks a lot for bringing this on my radar!🙏

@doenietzomoeilijk we were planning on and hcard resume in the HTML.

So if anything, an external converter would be possible.

I haven't looked into jsonresume (I had it bookmarked, apparently🤔) but if it opens up a lot of neat exports and themes and such: certainly on the table.

@flockingbird I just remembered is a thing - is that something you'd see yourself supporting?

I like the term "Fediverse", because it's a portmanteau of "federation", "universe" and "diverse", and I think that describes it quite accurately ☺️

Do you want to move your Mastodon account, but you don't want to lose your followers?

✅ You can transfer your followers from one Mastodon instance to another by following these steps:

1️⃣ Log into the NEW account on the new instance you want to move to. Go to Edit Profile > Moving From A Different Account > Create An Account Alias

2️⃣ Log into the OLD account on the old instance. Go to Edit Profile > Moving To A Different Account > Configure It Here

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Followers

Is there a general #ActivityPub implementation that can serve as catch-all backend which can then be used by different looking frontends (twitter-like, instagram-like, etc)?

Do you want to restrict the audience for some of your toots?

✅ Mastodon lets you control who can see your posts. When writing the message, click on the 🌎 below to adjust the post's visibility.

If you choose "Direct" the message becomes a DM, sent to anyone mentioned within it with an @

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Privacy #Visibility #DMs

@lightone We intent to be "all public" for anything set to "public".

Yet allow "private" to on-instance and to "only me". Only-me, just means the data is hidden for anyone but yourself. Useful for notes, tags or contact details.

"On-instance" is for data that is sensitive, but allowed to be shared with others. It can only leave the instance if fellow community-members copy/screenshot and share it (which is intentional and malicious).

We believe this fits the "trust you local peers" best.

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