⚠️ Job search, please boost! 

@werefox You could have a look in our fediverse-job postings (Vacancies posted to the fediverse) over at search.flockingbird.social.

Search for terms like "engineer" "remote" etc. You can even use the tags to drill down.
And make sure to re-visit this every several days, we update the index a few times a day.

Job offer in #Toulouse to work at #CESBIO on the #freesoftware Iota2.

#opendata #cartography #python


If you know someone who's interested, don't hesitate to put her/him in contact with me ^^
I can give more details on the lab and the team atmosphere.

What do we call someone who operates on the fediverse?

Fedinaut? Mastodontist? ?

🏗️ Help needed!

We need someone to consult on "text recognition". , , , etc. Especially the pro's and cons for our specific use-case:

We need a "job or not" recognition-thing that takes a toot, and produces a flag (or score) whether it is a job-posting, a vacancy.

To improve the fediverse job search tool search.flockingbird.social/, which now includes false positives. We want to reduce those.

PM us, mail to hi-at-flockingbird.social or reply 👇 if you'd like to help!

@colinsmatt11 ooh. Lightweight is def a pro. Will also check it out. Thanks for all your time.

@colinsmatt11 thanks for the shout out to Preact. Will def check it out.

And yeah, a poll can have only 4 options so I chose Most Obvious, Weird and Other.

Autonomic Co-op is a worker-owned co-operative that provides internet hosting and other tech services. You can follow at:

➡️ @autonomic

Their website is at autonomic.zone

#Autonomic #AutonomicCoOp #CoOp #CoOps #CoOperative #CoOperatives #Business #Technology #Hosting #WebHosting

@epic @doctormo Sorry for making it appear I find meilisearch badly documented. It's exceptionally well documented. Clear, to the point, with lots of detail if wanted. Meilisearch is a showcase of how well OpenSource can be done.

No, hunter2, the bot and job search is poorly documented. It's also OpenSource though I see now, we should clarify that on the readme.

@doctormo also, the live index runs at meili.flockingbird.social. You'll need auth tokens, if you want to play with it. You can find a (read-only, limited) set in the source of the webpage ...

@doctormo it's meilisearch: meilisearch.com/

Our source code for the job search is disgracefully badly documented, but if you're interested, can be found here: github.com/Flockingbird/hunter

@colinsmatt11 sorry for the confusion I caused. Thanks for your insight, though!

The "limits" I'm talking about are development limits. There's just so much functions, callbacks and <template> one can add to a single static file before it grows unmanageable. We've hit that point where we need some abstractions, build tooling etc. Those are the 'limits' I meant.

The search backend is barely under load, let alone a bottleneck. And can easily be scaled up.

@lxzio search.flockingbird.social is a single webpage that uses a search backend.

*If* we were to use server-side rendering, that rendering would be built into that backend. Currently it returns JSON, it could just as easy return HTML.

What the current HTML page needs to do, is very simple really: POST/GET request and then parse the response (search results) JSON and build the local state from that.

Maintaining the state and building HTML is what is stretching our current setup, mostly.

@lxzio Interesting! We don't need server-side rendering, though. Does it then still offer enough benefits?

@lxzio Is it possible to summarize the reasons for preferring Next.js in a toot? Is it the tooling, the architecture, typescript or something else?

@taylan Is it possible to summarize the reasons for preferring Vue.js in a toot? Is it tooling, a paradigm, the architecture, not-x or something else?

Some context:

The bot that fills the search is written in Rust. Hence the option for "Yew". It would allow keeping most logic in a single language.

We already use Bulma, for CSS, but there's nothing keeping us there.

JS is an option, but TypeScript preferred, because... well, mostly because it's not JS.

Less tooling > more tooling. Simple > Complex. Because... well, less stuff to set-up, break, maintain and grok.

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Hey frontend webdevs, looking for some advise:

For our search page, we're quickly running against the limits of a simple single HTML page with vanilla CSS and JS embedded.

Moving to a framework or other setup seems apt. What should we use? (boosts appreciated, replies or questions even more so)

We've introduced a feature to our Job Search, that lets you refine jobs by tags.

Check it out at search.flockingbird.social

We've removed the "index me" feature from our job-hunter bot @hunter2 . We removed the entire "candidates" section.

It was hardly used, yet complex and came with lots of unsolved privacy-issues.

search.flockingbird.social now only has jobs posted to the fediverse.

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