Just to reiterate in relation to Gab getting hacked, I’m not aware of any vulnerabilities in Mastodon at the moment and based on what I have seen in their code modifications the vulnerabilities they have are the ones they themselves introduced (along with never porting security patches from us)

@thedeltaflyer @krock @joshbdoc

Next week I'll spend some time in getting the TODO's and tasks online and categorised.

I certainly think there's thing to do for anyone. From writing up and categorising ideas, tasks and todo's, via investigating existing tools, templates for "resumes", to actually writing code.

Code is in Ruby, but we don't use an MVC framework like Rails. Instead we chose "event sourced" so that any tool/db/program that can "do stuff on commands" can be bolted on.

@nurinoas @krock @thedeltaflyer @joshbdoc

No we haven't. It's a hurdle we'll take if ever we arrive there.

'till then, its just another Open Source (MIT) project with a "benevolent dictator" (the sole dev, me) at the rudder. And two "anons" helping with the model, interviews, giving feedback and so on.

@krock @thedeltaflyer @joshbdoc thanks! We're still working on proof of concepts and demo stuff. But the source is open, ideas are welcome, and critique too. Feel free to dive in and see if it makes any sense. Feel free to ask anything. (documtation is naturally lacking severely in this stage.)

@thedeltaflyer @joshbdoc @flockingbird I will commit to setting up a server when this is ready. I am more of a back-end developer, and will help if I can. I would love to completely divorce MSFT. Speaking of CRM, Salesforce is pretty much owned by Google now.

@joshbdoc @krock @flockingbird wow this is pretty interesting! Thanks for the recommendation; just followed them and reading their blog now. :) left LinkedIn last year but would still like to have some kind of professional network without everything being catalogued by search engines and big corps - looks like Flockingbird might be the answer!

On the other hand: gig platforms have a great liberating potential. Freedom to work wherever, whenever on whatever you want.

And a great levelling potential. Offering people across the globe access to work on a single market. Potentially everyone, from Lagos to Bangalore to NYC can do a design gig for a marketing firm in London!

But that implies freedom to take your business elsewhere. Leave fiverr for sixxerr if one is treating you badly. To ride for Ünder if Über demands too much.

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LinkedIn is building a gig marketplace, taking on UpWork and Fiverr - aimgroup.com/2021/02/22/linked

Tying one's professional reputation, hiring chances, and therefore income, tighly inside a single platform. A dangerous idea: making a platform the sole gatekeeper of peoples' income and career chances.

@arran Neat!

I'm familiar with the ins- and outs, architecture, API, tech and setup of one of worlds' largest bill-splitting apps, so feel free to shoot me questions on the PM if you have any!

@nurinoas The relations won't get updated automatically. If you say you are still at university, who are "we" to doubt that? Only the author can edit such attributes or relations.

This is not new, though: is up to you to keep your resumé up to date and honest. If you feel like putting on your resumé that you currently work at, say, NASA: no-one is stopping you from putting that on your resume. Or on LinkedIn. We don't want to solve that in Flockingbird either.

@nurinoas To be clear: We propose a search-engine/index that works entirely on the existing mastodon, pleroma, pixelfed etc. It would only index public information! So, no: "hiding from same organisation" is not possible: anyone can use the search anonymously.

Also, to be clear: this is not part of Flockingbird, the software. Just a service for the community to use while we are building this software.

"Penpot is a browser-based design and prototyping tool entirely opensource and free to use for everyone. I can’t emphasise enough how much freely available software like this helps creators in less affluent parts of the world"



@dansup good call!

Though the ethical alternatives are competing for time and attention with the non-ethical ones.

Deceptive patterns then give the non-ethical alternatives the "higher ground", forcing the ethical alternatives to fight an uphill battle.

One way to circumvent that, is to not fight the fight. To position your ethical alt. as something that can be used besides, or on-top-of the non-ethical alt. Instead of being antagonistic to this alt. In language and features.
Just my $0.02.

(5/6) Pixelfed cannot be a better and ethical alternative if it ignores the gamification and FOMO dark patterns found on popular platforms.

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@zleap @silmathoron @fedisearch Probably not.

SearchX is a metasearch engine. Which means, is does not have its own crawler, but is a "proxy" to existing engines. But if you happen to know if of engines it uses[1] has a good index of fediverse profiles, it could work.

We've made some headway with ScraPy which then imports into Meilisearch. It appears that making a fediverse crawler and search doable in little time (weeks, or days). Open Source, off course.

[1] searx.github.io/searx/admin/en

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @flockingbird & @flockingbird (blog) - New project, aims to be Fediverse's alternative to LinkedIn

🌟 @Solus - Linux distribution aimed at home users

🌟 @thebench - Video channel about radiation, radioactivity and urban exploration

🌟 @catstar - Pictures of cats

🌟 @athenaproductions - Irreverent video blog about mythology, history and culture

🌟 @monviolon - Collection of free/libre sheet music and recordings, mainly traditional

@silmathoron Thanks for the pointer!

Source code has interesting concepts and is certainly useful.

Unfortunately, what you say, appears true: it is very specific to Peertube. It ties to the peertube APIs tightly.

I guess crawling the HTML interface, besides being more "implementation agnostic", makes privacy concerns much simpler: any data found is public by nature. Using an API has the downside that it might expose data that people did not think would be indexed and searchable.

@zleap @silmathoron

Unfortunately, @fedisearch is not Open Source. Author explains why, here: qoto.org/@fedisearch/104536265

This means I won't be contributing.

First, because there is no means to contribute to a closed-source project. Second, because I don't want to divert time and effort into a proprietary project

And thirdly, a "job candidate search" needs special settings & additions to cover the specific use-case.

And to achieve that, open source and -licence is a requirement.

@hanswolters Interesting. Thanks for sharing! Makes me wonder how people who don't work (pension etc) use LinkedIn. If at all.

Maybe to find people to hire? To hire help, or contractors?

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