We've introduced a feature to our Job Search, that lets you refine jobs by tags.

Check it out at search.flockingbird.social

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Sneak-peek of our upcoming Job Search Bot hunter2.

We're now finalizing these pages, stabilizing the bot and improving security.

Biggest challenge, before release, is a predictable&solid exclusion of people who indicated they don't want to be indexed (a must-have!)

After that we'll start adding more features and continue our core project.

What do you think is essential when searching for job openings, candidates or presenting yourself as candidate?

From birdsite: “People are NOT our greatest asset. It’s the relationships BETWEEN people that are our greatest asset.“

Finding people, companies and references is most crucial for a professional social network.

Here is how we plan to tackle this for Flockingbird: Decentralised and Privacy-friendly:


A big problem with current Social, is incentives. On LinkedIn, for examole, removing a connection to another person is broken. Removing a connection is not 'beneficial' to them. So there's always less urgency to fix this, resulting in user-hostile platforms.

We need platforms to align their businessmodel with their users. Not aligned with just advertisers, investors or an elite group of paying users.

Proof of concept of is taking shape.

✅ Send first updates through event-sourced backend.
👉 Spice up the web interface a tad.
❎ Send first updates over ActivityPub to inboxes.


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