What do we call someone who operates on the fediverse?

Fedinaut? Mastodontist? ?

@flockingbird fedizen for mere mortals and federator for mods/admins? 😂

@birnim @flockingbird

Regular person --> fedizen

Operator --> fedinator (Spanish: fedinador, German: decentralnetzwerkveranstalter) 😜

@flockingbird @birnim

Hey, how did you know?

"grootschalige schakelgegevens goeroe" for max. guttural sounds :D

@humanetech @flockingbird @birnim Gespecialiseerde schakelprofessioneel van de gefedereerde netwerken goeroe

I thought about it a while ago... fedizen and fedinaut seems very appropriate

@flockingbird fedizen seems to be the current consensus from what i've seen...

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