Sneak-peek of our upcoming Job Search Bot hunter2.

We're now finalizing these pages, stabilizing the bot and improving security.

Biggest challenge, before release, is a predictable&solid exclusion of people who indicated they don't want to be indexed (a must-have!)

After that we'll start adding more features and continue our core project.

What do you think is essential when searching for job openings, candidates or presenting yourself as candidate?

@flockingbird depends on for whom the site is built for. companies searching for the right candidate or candidates searching for the right company?

it's essential that a lot of the candidate skills fit to the skills required for the position, but not only that a lot of candidates look for more than a job. they want also a good company (whatever that means for the candidate) to work for so there should be a match as well.

attention. stereotypes incoming...

a mac lover may prefer startups or specific design companies with certain benefits.

an open source and linux person may rather work for a company with an open source mindset.

a climate activist may rather work for a company who does sth. against climate change.

..and so on.

@citizenK4te the idea is slightly different.

This doesn't aim to be a database with all your details, likes, loves, preferences, skills etc at all.

Merely a way to find "seeds" after which you can follow the links to the actual toots, profiles, CVs or vacancies that people added to their toots/profiles.

Do you think it would only work if you can search through all the data on this search engine which is needed to select candidates and jobs? Or would the "seeds" work too?

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