LinkedIn is building a gig marketplace, taking on UpWork and Fiverr -

Tying one's professional reputation, hiring chances, and therefore income, tighly inside a single platform. A dangerous idea: making a platform the sole gatekeeper of peoples' income and career chances.

On the other hand: gig platforms have a great liberating potential. Freedom to work wherever, whenever on whatever you want.

And a great levelling potential. Offering people across the globe access to work on a single market. Potentially everyone, from Lagos to Bangalore to NYC can do a design gig for a marketing firm in London!

But that implies freedom to take your business elsewhere. Leave fiverr for sixxerr if one is treating you badly. To ride for Ünder if Über demands too much.

@flockingbird not to mention the corporate intelligence Microsoft will sit on.

They already today know about company mergers before most employees at said companies, they run business meetings via Teams where they transcribe everything that is being said, and they run a large portion of Intranets via Sharepoint.

Already do they sit in a dangerous position for individual/corporate privacy, especially if you combine that with LinkedIns knowledge of the individual people, who they know, when they update CVs and who their new contacts are.
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