"In the fediverse, an instance is a community. A group." On Flockingbird and "groups".

repost, because we experienced some downtime on fediverse blog.

@flockingbird hey nice article. Is this project still in the planning stage

Any plan on getting public opinion with RFCs .

@lxzio Also, while we (well, there's only one developer) develop in the open, the stack requires some crucial documentation, but lacks that currently.

The stack is not your average rails, flask or elixir setup (it is Ruby, though, but the final product may be (partly) rust instead). We need to have basic technical documentation in place before "releasing" to other developers. Describing the Domain Models, architecture, tradeoffs and reasonings. And to give some guidelines.

Well I think this an ambitious idea to gather real groups rather than virtual ones with "instance=group" model. Let's hope [guys being working on SSO]( will succeed to make it viable. 🍀

@woxok We believe a lot depends on the ease with which one can "boot a new instance". If that is as easy as "clicking one button " at a hoster, it will be more achievable than when we require people to install mastodon-alike software on a server.

@flockingbird You are right indeed ! And I understand that this model helps people being part of different groups without necessarily linking them to one identity (true freedom 🕊️ ). But, without SSO, this could also discourage some people to create a new account each time they take part in a new organization. Maybe this could reveal at least the commitment of users inside their organization. Thank you however for bringing an innovative point of view.

@woxok Thanks!

Another important ingredient, aside from SSO, is frictionless moving. Leaving one server for another is currently quite an undertaking, but is being worked on to make smoother.

SSO covers the "I'm both here&there and those profiles are linked".

Registering multiple times covers the "I'm both here&there, but no-one needs to know there's any correlation between the profiles".

Moving covers the "I'm no longer here, but now there, but both are the same profile".

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