A big problem with current Social, is incentives. On LinkedIn, for examole, removing a connection to another person is broken. Removing a connection is not 'beneficial' to them. So there's always less urgency to fix this, resulting in user-hostile platforms.

We need platforms to align their businessmodel with their users. Not aligned with just advertisers, investors or an elite group of paying users.

Yeah, they also don't have any way to block people on Slack. Not all connections are good or desired.

@kavbojka isn't Slack Invite-only? Last time we chose gitter over slack at an open source group, because we did not want people to have to register and then have to manually approve each new person.

Or am I misunderstanding you?

That doesn't mean I want to talk to everyone that has been invited.

@flockingbird The goals of corporations are never going to align adequately with users or humanity, because the legal framework tried them to prioritise profit. Even lawbreaking often becomes a cost of doing business.

This is why there's so much regulation needed, and corruption, and why laws can never keep up.

It's a flawed anti human, anti life model, and that's what needs changing it out will destroy us.

@happybeing That assumes there is a homogeneous group of "users".

In my LinkedIn example, the Linkedin Business Model is well aligned with most paying "rectruiters", just not with most of their users.

I think any business can search for better alignment with a larger group of users. Just too often they don't want to.

But we should all probably acknowledge that their will never be 100% alignment with each individuals' needs and goal, regardless of whether it is FLOSS or a for-profit business.

@flockingbird my point is that serving users is only a means to an end: profit. There's no escaping that or its logical (and observable) consequences.

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