Considering to move from a selfhosted gitea to Github with flockingbird. Sourcecode, issues, wiki/documentation.

* Discoverability: We're just more visible on GH than on "some random website".
* Participation barrier: you probably have a GH account, but certainly no account yet on our instance.
* Defacto standard: external systems like CI, support etc all require github.

It feels a bit like giving in, but the benefits seem to outweigh the idealistic stance.

What do you think?


So, did another comparison: Were are all the common fediverse projects at?

Using, turns out that the vast majority is on github.

Se we'll just follow along, for now.

"Choose your battles wisely", the proverb goes. Distributing Open Source software project hosting is not our current battle.

@flockingbird I agree, GitHub may not be FLOSS itself, but it definitely does host a very large number of project that we all depend on. If you wanna attract contributions, GitHub is certainly the best way.

@kriive @flockingbird @sedcat For how long ? « Ugh, this has Microsoft's playbook written all over it. Introduce a certification, thus increasing the gap between developers who (had their employee) pay Microsoft and developers that didn't. Conflate a generic concept (Git in this case) with Microsoft's specific implementation (Github), muddying the difference in managers' lexicons. Attempt to set Github as a standard to reach in everyone's mind » />

@danslerush @flockingbird @sedcat GitHub was a standard way long before Microsoft acquired it. And still, GitHub's not a monopoly in corporations, because many people are using GitLab and their superb CD/CI.

@danslerush @flockingbird @sedcat However, as the OP correctly said, using GitHub is not their current battle, and I agree on their point. I agree with you that if the world was perfect we all would have a federated GitLab equivalent.

@kriive « GitHub was a standard way long before Microsoft acquired it » Yes, I'm agree/aware of that but it belongs to MS now and we can't deny it. Things are not going to get any better and if you want to build something in the long term you have to have a minimum of foresight. But yes, like I said it's Git, we can mirror, fork, copy or migrate when we want 🤓 @flockingbird @sedcat

@danslerush @flockingbird @sedcat yeah, you're right. I feel that we should strive for an alternative that actually attracts contributions as much as GitHub, which is basically the real power of GitHub.
A mastodon-like federation system would address this issue, in my opinion.

@kriive You're welcome, but keep in mind that they are still in the project phase, but it's to be supported as well 🖖😉 @forgefed @flockingbird @sedcat


I think you are wrong about "not our current battle" part. It's an ongoing battle for every software developer who care about own and users' freedom.

You can fight by avoiding corporate traps and unnecessary centralization. The earlier the better.

@sedcat It was phrased unfortunate. Sorry.

What I meant, was "it is not our *primary* battle", not the most important one. Flockingbird wants to bring "professional social networking" to the fediverse. This is the *one* thing that matters to me/us.

We are not a project who wants to "change the way open source developers work", nor a project who aims to "decentralise software development".

Thats a battle for others to fight, now. Projects like @forgefed, @codeberg, .ht, @gitea or gitlab.

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