We're designing mobile-first. As web-app, but primarily for mobile users.

Because that requires us to make choices and keep focus.

But... is mobile a good focus?
How do you use your fediverse?

@flockingbird The cert of your website is expired, just a heads-up

@Matter Thanks a lot.

Somehow, now and again, nginx refuses to restart; a requirement to pick up a new cert. We're migrating to caddy for this reason, but haven't done yet. Will give it a kick later today.

@flockingbird Primarily on desktop, **but**:
- reason is: Mastodon is slow on mobile;
- people in some countries don’t have easy access to desktop;
- don’t put focus on mobile or desktop: instead, put focus on… **fast everywhere**.

@meduz Thanks for the suggestion!

One reason why we're aiming at mobile-first, is *because* it requires speed concerns to be weighted in early on.

A desktop-site can be (js)heavy, slow, and have a lot of features (that make it even slower) because most our hardware can handle that: making it "good enough".

A mobile version needs to be speedy, light and simple.

(yet, since we're building an alternative to LinkedIn, it is really hard to do even worse than them, performance-wise, though)

@flockingbird Even on desktop, I advise to be especially cautious: your user base can be billions of people. So even a tiny fraction on a low-entry desktop computer can sum 1 million of users.

Also: LinkedIn is (very) slowly becoming less slow. I think Microsoft put this crap on a better track. So you have to be at least as good as it will be. :p

@meduz I feel you might have misunderstood me.

I'm not suggesting we should would a bloated site for desktop, because speed is less of an issue there. On contrary! It should be lean, accessible and fast.

I find that when you start with a mobile site you are forced to make it lean&fast. And when you then port that over to desktop, you take that lean&fast with you.

The other way around not so.


The question should't be how do we use fediverse, it should be how you will serve your users best. Platform choice will not be based on fediverse usage habits, but how convenient and valuable your solution is to connect professionals and look for jobs and employees on mobile and on desktop.
I think you should do both desktop and mobile. For reading news, updates, basic connecting, mobile is ok. For research, job search, cv work, writing job ads, I would like to have desktop.

@flockingbird Do you have the usage numbers for mobile web-app users? From my personal biased viewpoint, I don't think many people use web-apps on phones, but rather actual apps.

@asko 'it depends' 😃

We don't have anything yet, but from previous apps, I know that mobile web is a surprisingly big thing. Did see this more with android though. Mostly b/c it's more discoverable than a native app (and because Microsoft phones push PWA's since they lack native apps).

But here it's also pragmatic. A simple web app serves all users with minimal effort. Great for an MVP. As opposed to at least 2 native apps + a webapp.

@flockingbird Wait, Microsoft still has phones? But yeah, good point on it being great for MVP. With a tiny bit of effort could even make that app run in a WebView as a "native" app on phone platforms, too.

@asko We saw our PWA packaged and distributed on both the windows app store and the Ubuntu Phone App store (app unrealted to flockingbird, though!). Apparently there were people who scratched their own itch there. Which is possible with a mobile-first PWA, due to the broad accessability of such a PWA.

So, why not take it one further and ship your own application as such? In fact, a lot of (high profile) apps are just PWAs wrapped in a webview.

@happybeing Do you mind a follow-up q?

When browsing websites or webapps, do you prefer desktop versions or mobile versions of sites? For all those that don't offer a dedicated or well-thought-out tablet responsive version.

And do you often use phone-versions of native apps, when there are no optimized-for-tablet versions?

@flockingbird I split my time between desktop (laptop) and tablet devices about equally, and almost always use the default versions, so I guess mobile if not optimised for tablet.

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